Mick Jagger, Keith Richards Speak Out About Heartbreak Over Drummer Charlie Watts’ Death

by Alex Falls

The world of rock is still reeling from the death of Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts. Last year, the long-standing pillar of the instantly recognizable rock band passed away from an unknown illness. But the music never stops as the band continues on to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

The Stones are currently on the road touring across Europe. The remaining three core members recently had a chance to sit back and reflect on the impact their late drummer had on their trajectory as a band. As reported by Daily Mail, frontman Mick Jagger described how much he misses having his friend around.

“I miss Charlie on many levels,” Jagger said. “I miss wanting to play him this new groove and I want to say how badly England has done in the Test match yesterday cause I miss him a lot.”

Iconic lead guitarist, Keith Richards, also struggled with the loss of his friend and knew the band had lost a major presence after Watts’s death.

“I am still dealing with it. Charlie was the engine. The best drummer England has produced,” Richards said. “People like Charlie Watts are very hard to put in a pocket. They don’t make pockets for people like Charlie. He is a totally unique guy.”

Guitarist Ronnie Wood meanwhile fondly recalled his bandmate’s immaculate organization and just how blown away they were by his loss. “When Charlie passed we were mind-blown. We have the spirit of Charlie playing with us,” Wood said.

The Rolling Stones Keep on Rolling

Despite the loss of their friend and drummer, the band continues to offer the world their special brand of rock n’ roll. In addition to touring, the band also has a brand new documentary series set to debut on Epix later this year. The significance of the band’s music is not lost on Keith Richards.

“Mick and I look at each and think, ‘we must be doing something right,'” Richards said. “I don’t know what it is. The idea of turning people on for 60 years is like, ‘Whoah.’ The thing is relentless, it is like a juggernaut. Not many people get the chance to do this with thousands of people, you know, as a job. When you are exchanging that much appreciation to each other it is profoundly touching.”

What’s the secret to their illustrious career as rok royalty? Not even Richards himself can answer that question for sure. He believes it all comes down to the power of music and letting the songs do the talking.

“Music is a resilient thing. And sometimes I think, God, it is the only thing we have got that we can trust,” Richards said. “I gave up many years ago trying to figure out why and how it works. The best remedy is to put it in a room and go ‘1..2..3..4,’ and all the problems go away.”