Mick Jagger Sends Crowd Into Frenzy Lifting Shirt Up in Reaction to Topless Woman at Rolling Stones Concert: VIDEO

by Tia Bailey

Rock-n-roll icon Mick Jagger never fails to surprise people. The Rolling Stones frontman is known for his crazy and unpredictable behavior. He recently gave fans a laugh due to his reaction to an event at a show.

Rolling Stones was playing a concert in Madrid, Spain. Jagger was doing his thing on stage when he noticed a girl, sitting on top of someones shoulders, with her shirt off.

It’s not uncommon for stars to get flashed at concerts like this. The same happened to Post Malone, which instantly turned into a meme format due to his reaction. The photo shows the back of a girl lifting her shirt, and Post Malone’s open-mouth gape in surprise.

But what was rock star Mick Jagger’s reaction? To life up his shirt and flash the audience back, of course. Jagger shared the video to his Instagram story. The hilarious moment happened during “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction).” The girl sat atop someone’s shoulders, waving an American flag, with her shirt off. As soon as Jagger registered what was happening, he looked at her and lifted his shirt right up, and continued the song without missing a beat.

His reaction was met with cheers from the group around the girl, and Jagger has yet another iconic moment in the books.

The video was reposted to YouTube, and fans loved his response. One fan commented, “Go Mick, go Mick, it’s your Birthday!!!” and another wrote, “She will be talking about this moment for the rest of her life.”

Mick Jagger Reacts to Being Flashed at Concert

Jagger very recently celebrated his 79th birthday. Rolling Stones are currently on their European 60th anniversary tour. This put Jagger in Germany on his birthday, but that didn’t stop the star and his family from celebrating. He was able to take a brief break from performances to be with his girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, and his son Lucas.

Jagger posted about his birthday on his social media. He shared photos from a concert in Gelsenkirchen, which featured the stage reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICK” and another photo of Jagger performing. He wrote: “Great audience in Gelsenkirchen tonight! Thanks for the birthday love!”

Fans responded with well wishes to the star. One fan replied: “Always the Entertainer…Best frontman of the Best Live Band.. have a great year ahead full of creativity and adventure.”

It was recently revealed that Jagger and other founding member of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, dislike one of the band’s 30 albums quite a bit. However, the album was –kind of– intentionally bad. Jagger said that they had produced the record somewhat to “piss off” their old manager. He called him “such a pain in the neck.”

Jagger will never fail to surprise fans, whether it be by what he says or by flashing an audience.