Mickey Guyton Recalls Meeting Dolly Parton, LeAnn Rimes: ‘I Screamed, I Cried’

by Blake Ells

Mickey Guyton reveals how it felt to meet her heroes Dolly Parton and LeAnn Rimes in a new interview with People.

Guyton idolized Rimes at a young age. She first saw Rimes perform the National Anthem at a Texas Rangers game when Rimes was just 10 years old. Guyton was 8. This year, the duo teamed up for an episode of CMT Crossroads. They performed LeAnn’s hit “I Need You.” Check out the collaboration below.

“LeAnn Rimes has become a friend of mine,” said Guyton in the interview. “Which is crazy! Because she inspired me so long ago. She’s been so instrumental in my career. What’s been so fun in getting to know her is knowing what a kind-hearted, thoughtful, caring, loving, nurturing person that she is.”

Guyton adds that fans didn’t have as much access to stars when LeAnn was a rising star. It was difficult to know much about the woman that she was.

“You didn’t get the social media of LeAnn when she was coming up in her career and I’ve gotten to just be on the inside of that – and she is guarded because she has been through a lot. And when you get to know her, she is like chef’s kiss of a human being. Really.”

Guyton looked up to Rimes when she was young. Her grandma loved Dolly Parton. Guyton first heard Parton’s music while visiting her grandma in Riesel, Tex.

Mickey Guyton Recalls Meeting Dolly Parton

“She lived in the country, so she didn’t have cable, and all she had were movies, VHS tapes,” Guyton recalls of visiting her grandmother. “When I would go into her room to watch movies, I would look on the back of her door and there was Dolly Parton. And there was Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers duet VHS tapes.

Guyton adds that her grandmother’s VHS collection included several titles that Dolly Parton starred in, including Steel Magnolias.

Guyton met Dolly Parton in 2016 when Gayle King introduced the two on CBS This Morning. She recalled the meeting with People.

“I mean, I screamed, I cried – it’s a whole thing,” she laughed. “And she’s so little! Her waist is, like, that small. I’m not kidding. She made me feel really good about myself – but my waist!”

Mickey Guyton appeared on CMT Crossroads again this month. She collaborated with Black Pumas for the show.

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