Miranda Lambert Posts Incredible Photos from Montana Adventure: ‘Best Summer Ever’

by Leanne Stahulak

This summer, country superstar Miranda Lambert has enjoyed an epic vacation across the American West, visiting Wyoming, Utah, and now Montana.

A few weeks ago, Lambert took to Instagram to share the news about her road trip. She’s traveling with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, and their two friends Gwen Sebastian and Louis Newman.

“Time off touring means it’s time to hit the dusty trail! There is no better way to spend summer than glamping with your best pals,” Miranda Lambert began in her caption. [Gwen Sebastion and [Louis Newman] with their camper named “Toodle Lou” and me and [Brendan McLoughlin] with our ]Airstream] Globetrotter we call ‘The Sheriff.'”

Lamberty added, “We’re out on a 20-day run of adventures out west. We kicked it off in beautiful Colorado. Stay tuned for more tales from the road. Happy trails y’all!”

From Colorado, the gang headed to Utah next, visiting Moab and Arches National Park before going to Strawberry Bay. Afterward, Miranda Lambert’s crew hit up Jackson, Wyoming, and saw the Grand Tetons. Now, they’ve wrapped up a visit to Montana.

“Meet me in Montana forever,” Lambert captioned her most recent post. “Thanks to Gwennie’s family for the great hang and high note to end on. What an amazing trip.” She added, “Thanks to @jed_i_night for planning the adventures of The Sherriff & Toodle Lou. Best summer ever.”

Check out highlights from their Montana trip in the slideshow below.

Miranda Lambert Resumes Her Tour Next Weekend

Earlier this year, Miranda Lambert’s latest album “Palomino” hit the shelves. Fans absolutely fell in love with her new songs and flocked to stadiums and venues across the country for her “Palomino” tour. And now, after her 20-day-vacation, Lambert will get back on the road again tor resume her tour.

“Palomino” picks back up again next Thursday, July 28, in Stateline, Nevada. From there, Lambert heads to Oregon, Washington state, Oregon, and Minnesota before ending in Chicago. But Lambert doesn’t have a huge break after the tour wraps. In fact, she has just one month off until her Las Vegas residency begins in September.

Velvet Rodeo kicks off on September 23, and you can grab tickets now. When she announced the residency earlier this year, Lambert wrote on Instagram, “I’m heading to Vegas y’all! My new residency ✨ Velvet Rodeo ✨begins this fall!”

Later that day, Miranda Lambert added, “This morning I announced that I’m kicking off a Las Vegas residency this fall called Velvet Rodeo. It’s named after a line in ‘Actin’ Up’ a new song off of ‘Palomino.’”

So, they’re all tied together. Her new album, the Las Vegas residency, and the end of the “Palomino” tour. For more info, check out Lambert’s social media pages here.