Morgan Wallen, Ernest Get Their Sons Together in Heartwarming Pic: ‘Party Animals’

by Samantha Whidden

On Tuesday (July 12th), country music star Ernest shared a couple of snapshots of his and Morgan Wallen’s toddler sons just hanging out together. 

“Party Animals,” Ernest declared on his Instagram. The snaps appear to be from the birthday party of Morgan Wallen’s son.  The country superstar and his ex-girlfriend, Katie Smith, celebrated their son Indigo’s second birthday over the weekend. Wallen also shared a picture on Instagram of him and the toddler together. “2 years in this world. I can’t wait to see who you become.”

Meanwhile, Smith shared a sweet message to her and Morgan Wallen’s son. “Any time anyone has ever asked me what my greatest accomplishment has been or what I do for a living, I give the same answer for both. I’m a mom. Not only am I a mom, but I’ve created the most perfect human and built-in best friend that I could ever ask for.”

Smith also wrote that while there have been ups and downs when it came to parenthood, she understands that it’s all part of the journey. “It doesn’t take long for them to look up and smile at us and it’s like all of a sudden, it’s not so hard anymore.”

Smith then reflected on becoming a mother and how motherhood changed her life significantly. “When the Lord blessed me with you, my entire life changed. There’s nothing on earth that trumps the love and joy you bring me. I’ll never stop praying for you, your safety, your happiness, and you’re health. Constantly every single day. These past two years have been a godsend, I love you more than life itself.”

Morgan Wallen Opens Up About Overcoming ‘Difficulties’ While Co-Parenting Son 

In a 2021 interview with PEOPLE, Morgan Wallen opened up about the struggles of co-parenting his son with his ex-girlfriend. He admitted at the time that the situation is not how he imagined parenthood. 

“I wanted to have a family like my parents,” Morgan Wallen explained. “My parents are still together, you know. They raised [me and my sisters] together. That was my idea for what my life would look like. Obviously, that’s not the way it turned out. And I struggle with that a little bit when I first found out.”

Morgan Wallen stated that while he and Smith are no longer together, he’s thankful to share his son with someone he cares about. “We’re doing our best to figure it out, just trying to do the best we can with the situation. I mean, a lot of people obviously have been in this situation before – having a kid with someone you’re not with – but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier.”