Morgan Wallen Snaps Legendary Pic With Man Arrested Wearing His Mugshot T-Shirt

by Samantha Whidden

A little over a week after a fan was booked for underage possession of alcohol while wearing a t-shirt of Morgan Wallen’s mugshot, the country music superstar got together with the fan for a legendary snapshot at his latest show.

The fan, Zach Horne, took to his Instagram account on Friday (July 8th) to share a snapshot of him with Morgan Wallen. “Nothing short of life changing! Down and out a few weeks back but had Morgan & his team to lift me up last night with a kick ass concert and experience. Learn from your mistakes and surround yourself with people who support you! Thanks for everything team Morgan.”

As previously reported, Morgan Wallen was arrested in May 2020. His arrest was due to public intoxication while at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock ’N Roll Steakhouse in Nashville. Horne’s t-shirt featured the mugshot of the 2020 incident. After seeing Horne’s mugshot, Morgan Wallen shared on his Instagram story, “We’ve all been there bub. Wish I saw this sooner I woulda bailed him out.”

Morgan Wallen Previously Spoke About His 2020 Arrest 

Following his 2020 arrest, Morgan Wallen talked about the situation while making an appearance on the Bobby Bones Show. He admitted at the time that the night he was arrested was “pretty fuzzy.”

“I am pretty sure I broke a shot glass,” Morgan Wallen recalled. “I had met some fans and they bought me a shot and we like slammed it on the table and mine broke.”

Morgan Wallen also said that he spoke to Kid Rock after the incident at Rock’s restaurant in Nashville. “He asked me if I wanted to come hang out, cause I had never met him or anything, so we went over there and hung out.”

Morgan Wallen was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct following his arrest. However, the charges were dropped. The country singer and songwriter apologized for the incident. “I went downtown last night with a few old friends,” he explained. “After a couple bar stops, we were horse-playing with each other. We didn’t mean any harm, and we want to say sorry to any bar staff or anyone that was affected. Thank you to the local authorities for being so professional and doing their job with class.”

The Tennessean also reported in 2021 that Morgan Wallen’s “Dangerous” track was inspired by his 2020 arrest. The song’s lyrics read, “I don’t wanna go downtown, doing what we used to. Twist the top off another round. Hell, I got enough loose screws. Think I’m gonna stay right here tonight. ‘Cause that could be dangerous.”