Morgan Wallen Surprises Young Fan Who Wrote Him a Heartfelt Letter

by Emily Morgan

A young Morgan Wallen fan got an experience he never expected when the country music singer surprised him with a dream come true.

The fan,12-year-old Louisiana native Brevin, just wanted to shake the country singer’s hand. But, as it turned out, Wallen did much more than that.

However, the story requires us to go back two months ago. At the time, Brevin’s mom, Andrea Guidroz, reached out to Townsquare Media station 97.3, hoping the “Wasted on You” singer could send her son some kind words after he wrote the 29-year-old a letter of encouragement after he suffered some personal problems.

As his mom describes, her son was struggling at home and at school. He was also dealing with feelings of abandonment that left her son downtrodden around the time Wallen was going through his own issues.

“When you publicly apologized, we sat down together and watched it because YOU are someone he looks up to!” Guidroz said to Wallen through the radio station in her email. “The words you said, recognizing your wrong doings, & taking accountability of your wrong doings. YOUR ACTIONS MATTER!”

Following the interview, the family received something larger than life from the Tennessee native.

In addition to some Wallen merchandise, Brevin also got a handwritten note from Wallen that said, “Hey Brevin, I heard your story and wanted to say hi and to let you know I’m in your corner and proud of you. I know how tough it can be, but you are stronger than you think. Be true to yourself and understand that nobody is perfect, but as long as we keep working on ourselves and being the best we can be, then we are on the right path. You will succeed in whatever you put your mind to. Stay Strong!”

Several weeks later, Brevin got another surprise during Wallen’s Dangerous tour in Orange Beach, Ala. He and his mom were in their seats when a woman approached them, offering the pair a backstage tour.

However, Brevin’s mom was privy to what would go down. The “Whiskey Glasses” singer walked in to meet Brevin face-to-face when the mother and son pair were backstage.

“The conversation between these 2, were like they’d known each other forever,” his mom wrote on Facebook following the show. “They talked music, sports, teams / players, about life — he really is just a plain ole country boy.”

Morgan Wallen takes time to meet with younger fans

However, this is far from the first time Wallen has taken time to meet with his young fans. Recently, the country superstar shocked a six-year-old megafan, Jon Connor, during a radio show.

Previously, Connor went viral on TikTok by covering a few of Wallen’s hits. Jon later visited The Highway on SiriusXM via video call to share his story with the hosts. Little did he know he was in for a big surprise.

The radio show host asked Connor, “What would be the coolest thing to happen to you right now?” “Seeing Morgan Wallen,” the young man replied. Then, Warren invited Wallen into the frame. Watch the clip below.