Motley Crue Fan Hospitalized After ‘Absolutely Horrible’ Fall From Upper Level During Concert

by Megan Molseed

One Motley Crue fan has been hospitalized after taking an “absolutely horrible” fall from an upper-level seating area during an Indianapolis concert at Lucas Oil Stadium earlier this week. According to witnesses, the man fell unconscious after the terrifying spill. Witnesses note that blood started to pool around the victim as he lay on the steps, suggesting that he hit his head on a barrier during the fall.

Now, one woman who saw the events unfold is now speaking out, calling for more safety measures to be put in place at the Indianapolis stadium. The witness notes that the immediate area unsafe for the concert-goers. And, to add to the concerns, it also took paramedics far too long to get to the injured party.

“The time it took to get medics there to help was ridiculous,” notes the witness. Adding that they wish to remain anonymous.

“People around were trying to help,” the witness adds of the terrifying event.

“But there was just blood everywhere,” the Motley Crue concertgoer continues. “Time is of the essence when it comes to injuries like this, especially due to blood loss.”

The Concertgoer Was Unconcious For “Quite Sometime” After Terrifying Fall

According to the witness, she and her boyfriend were standing on a landing located just outside of the seating area while the Kickstart My Heart performers took the stage. She recalls how the injured fan fell on top of her boyfriend, causing her to reach out and keep him from falling as well.

“I got him back in our aisle,” the witness recalls.

“And that is when I saw the man who was on the ground,” the recount continues. “Next to where my [boyfriend] was standing.”

The woman says that the injured man was unconscious. And that blood immediately began to pool around him as he lay on the ground. The witness believes that the blood originated from the back of the victim’s head, suggesting he likely hit his head on a barrier near the seating area.

The witness also adds that the victim was unconscious for “quite some time”. However, they did not witness the paramedics provide CPR to the injured party, once they finally arrived at the location.

Witnesses Note That The Lucas Oil Stadium’s Stairways Are “So Steep”

According to the witness, the stairways at the Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium are so steep that she’s surprised more concertgoers didn’t fall during the Motley Crue performance.

“Safety should be first!” the witness says.

“The seating needs to have larger [walkways],” the Motley Crue fan adds. “And more room for seats as well.”