Neil Diamond Gives Rare Live Performance of ‘Sweet Caroline’ During Red Sox Game

by Megan Molseed

The Boston Red Sox may have fallen to the St. Louis Cardinals 11 – 2 Saturday night, June 18, but there was still a big win at Fenway Park. Music icon Neil Diamond stepped out of retirement to serenade the baseball fans at Fenway with his classic hit – to which everyone knows the chorus – “Sweet Caroline.”

It was a rare live performance that roused the crowd Saturday evening during game two of a three-game series. This performance is especially poignant as Diamond has said goodbye from concert tours since his 2018 Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

Music Icon Neil Diamond Steps Out Of Retirement To Join The Crowd At Fenway In A Rousing Rendition Of His Hit Song, ‘Sweet Caroline’

Neil Diamond’s June 18 post-retirement appearance at Fenway Park is the first time the iconic singer performed on the historic MLB field since 2013. He stepped in for a moving performance of the song when the Red Sox played their first home game after the Boston Marathon bombing that year.

Fox Sports: MLB’s Twitter page shared the musical moment in a Saturday night tweet. In the video, we see Diamond proudly sporting a black and red Boston Red Sox letterman jacket while he sings the hit along with the crowd of fans.

“Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway Park is incredible,” the Fox Sports: MLB Twitter page says in the Saturday night post.

Is It Even A Game At Fenway Without A Round Of ‘Sweet Caroline?’

Neil Diamond, a New York native has become a big part of the Boston Red Sox culture, as has his 1969 classic hit. As anyone who has stepped into Fenway for a Red Sox home game knows well, the Boston team plats the song during the eighth inning of every home game.

This is a ritual that has become part of MLB over the last 25 years. It also has played a big part in reviving the Neil Diamond hit for younger generations. Of course, since then, “Sweet Caroline” has become a big part of many sporting events. It’s not uncommon to hear a crowd “ba-ba-ba-ing” along with the hit as many of their favorite teams take the field – no matter the sport.

Neil Diamond May Have Said Goodbye To Tours, But the Music Legend Has No Plans To Slow Down

After Neil Diamond announced the end of his touring career in 2018, following his Parkinson’s diagnosis, the popular musician made it clear that he wasn’t done with the business. In fact, Diamond has said that he plans to “remain active in writing, recording and other projects for a long time to come.”