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Nick Cave Fans Offer Condolences in Wake of Son Jethro Lazenby’s Death

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)

Following the news that his son Jethro Lazenby has suddenly died, fans of Australian singer and songwriter Nick Cave took to social media to offer condolences.

A fan of Nick Cave’s took to Twitter to share a letter from Cave after the loss of his son Arthur in 2015. It reads, “It seems to me, that if we love, we grieve. That’s the deal. That’s the pact. Grief and love are forever intertwined. Grief is the terrible reminder of the depth of our love. And that overwhelms our minuscule selves.”

Nick Cave then describes people are being tiny, trembling clusters of atoms subsumed within grief’s “awesome” presence. He also says that grief occupies the “core of our being and extends” through everyone’s fingers to the limits of the universe. “Within that whirling gyre all manner of madness exist; ghosts and spires and dream visitations. And everything that we, in our anguish will into existence.”

Nick Cave does say that at times he does feel the presence of his son Arthur. However, he knows his son may not actually be there. “I hear him talk to me, parent me, guide me. Though he may not be there. He visits Susie in her sleep regularly. Speaks to her. Comforts her. But he may not be there.”

While some fans have been sharing the message, others have been personable about their reaction to the death of Nick Cave’s son, Jethro. One fan tweeted, “I had no idea how Nick Cave coped the first time, other than by making extraordinarily involved and raw art. Now a second son has died and I find his grief impossible to comprehend. ‘What if I don’t know who I am without my pain?’ he says, in the documentary out on… Wednesday.”

Another fan went on to add, “Devastating to hear another of Nick Cave’s children has died: the great man on grief here from the incomparable Red Hand Files.”

Nearly seven years before Lazenby’s passing, Cave’s other son, Arthur, fell from a 60-foot cliff while under the influence of LSD. 

Nick Cave Issues Statement About His Son Jethro’s Passing

As previously reported, Nick Cave released a statement about the death of his son on Monday (May 9th). “With much sadness, I can confirm that my son, Jethro, has passed away. We would be grateful for family privacy at this time,” the statement reads.

Days before his passing, Nick Cave’s son was released from Melbourne Remand Center on bail. According to various media outlets, Lazenby kneed his mother, Beau Lazenby, in the face and left her bruised and bleeding. The duo was reportedly arguing about cigarettes at the time of the physical altercation. 

Although Lazenby was released last Thursday (May 5th), authorities had ordered him to complete substance abuse treatment. He was also not allowed to contact his mother for two years.