Nicky Moore, Heavy Metal Band Samson’s Lead Singer, Passes Away

by Shelby Scott

Another famous rocker, Nicky Moore of the 1980s heavy metal band Samson, passed away on Wednesday. Multiple outlets claim the U.K.-born musician was in his 70s at his time of death. News of Moore’s death broke on the singer’s official Facebook page.

According to Variety, Nicky Moore served as the band’s lead singer before his death. He had reportedly been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. The official statement reads, “It is with immense sadness and almost unbearably heavy hearts that we have to let you all know that Nicky – a man larger than life in body and spirit – has sadly passed away this morning.”

The statement continued: “A man that lived a thousand lifetimes in just one has decided he needed a rest. Rest well, dear friend. We will all miss you x.”

Born on June 21st, 1947, Nicky Moore had a long history in music. Before heavy metal fans knew Moore as Samson’s frontman, he began his career as a choir boy. Later, he would dive into rock and then heavy metal.

Moore’s first group went by the name Hackensack, co-founded in the early 1970s. From there, Nicky Moore would hop from band to band, though his biggest brand came with Samson. After his run with Hackensack, Moore joined a group named Tiger before he became a mainstay for Samson in 1981.

Nicky Moore’s Music Career

Nicky Moore is best known for his commitment to the heavy metal band Samson. But, while he had extensive history with music in his youth, he also showed a multifaceted taste as he aged.

Nicky Moore left Samson by the late ’80s, but would eventually rejoin the group the “following decade.” In addition to fulfilling the role of Samson’s lead singer, Variety reports that the rocker started yet another band in the ’90s. Going by the name Nicky Moore and the Blues Corporation, Variety states that in 2000, the group would become voted the best live blues band by BBC Radio 2 listeners.

Alongside his commitment to his bands, Nicky Moore also demonstrated a special devotion to his fans.

Long before his death, Moore famously performed a show while enduring two broken ribs after a car crash. In speaking about the experience afterward, he told outlets, “People pay money to come and see you, you don’t let them down, and if there’s a possible way I can sing whether it be with two broken ribs or an arm falling off, or whether I got the flu or whatever – if I can sing I will not let them down.”

In addition to boasting a popular stage presence, Nicky Moore also taught other aspiring musicians. Per the outlet, the Samson singer worked as a vocal coach in addition to creating and putting out his own music. More surprisingly, the outlet states that the heavy metal rocker also wrote jingles and did voice-over work for various brands and companies, most notably BBC.