Noah Cyrus Pens Emotional Tribute To Late Grandmother

by Joe Rutland

Singer Noah Cyrus is letting the world know about her love for her late grandmother in an emotional tribute. Cyrus, whose father is Billy Ray Cyrus, went on Instagram on Saturday while grieving the loss. Those who have lost grandmothers can relate to the depth of love and care we receive from them.

“my mamaw ruthie made her way home and into heaven yesterday.. not sure i can find the words to sum up exactly how i feel.,” cyrus writes. “i was able to spend the last month of her life by her side and for that i’m honored and beyond lucky to have had that time together. we talked a lot, we laughed a lot, but we sometimes just sat and soaked in each others company and said nothing at all.”

Noah Cyrus Recalls Singing Bob Seger Classic With Her ‘Mamaw’

Cyrus said that she and her grandmother would sing the Bob Seger classic Against the Wind. She called it one of Ruthie’s favorites of all time. “i keep going back to that moment and know now she’s no longer against the wind but inside it… she is the wind, the sun and stars, the creek that runs through the bottom of the hill, the birds and deer, and every sunset i ever watch from here on out.”

She adds that her “mamaw” is all that is good and beautiful, too. “mamaw you are forever a part of me and i love you so much,” Noah Cyrus writes. “from your firey personality down to your feet and eyebrows. we sat in her hospital bed and laughed at how similar our feet were. there’s no memory with you i wont cherish.”

It’s obvious from her memories that Cyrus loved her grandmother deeply. The singer says that everyone was lucky to have “known, love, and admire you.” Cyrus adds that “i’ll see you again and until then every song i sing, everything i do, will be for you.”

Cyrus says that she hopes to become “even HALF of the brave, strong, and courageous woman you were. thank you for everything. i will miss you until i get to hug you and hold you again. i don’t even know how to end this cause i can’t say goodbye yet. i never will. i love you mamaw forever and ever after that.”