Noah Cyrus Speaks Out About Secret Drug Addiction, Recovery

by Taylor Cunningham

Noah Cyrus is sharing details about a secret four-year battle with addiction that isolated her from her friends and family and nearly ruined her career.

In an exclusive Rolling Stone interview, the 22-year-old sister of Miley Cyrus revealed that she became addicted to Xanax at only 18. And it took hitting rock bottom to ask for help.

“Once I felt that it was possible to silence things out for a second and numb your pain, it was over,” she admitted.

Cyrus shared that it was her boyfriend at the time, Lil Xan, who first introduced her to the medication. And she was quick to try it because of a deep desire to “fit in with him.”

“It became a way for us to bond,” she said. “…I wanted to be what he wanted and what he thought was cool and what I thought everybody was doing.”

And once the habit began, it was easy for Noah Cyrus to maintain. According to her, the people she was friends with could easily get their hands on more pills. So in effect, they “kind of cosigned” her addiction by giving her a steady supply.

But it didn’t take long for what felt like an escape to turn into an emotionally “dark” and “bottomless pit.”

Once she was fully reliant on Xanax, the Ready To Go singer would sleep all day and lose track of time. And she finally hit rock bottom during an interview in 2020 when she fell asleep while mid-conversation with a reporter.

“I was completely nodding off and falling asleep and unable to keep my head up or keep my eyes open because I was so far gone,” she continued.

However, it took another “eye-opener” before she accepted that she needed help.

It Took a Traumatic ‘Eye-Opener’ Before Noah Cyrus Decided to Ask for Help

That same year, Noah Cyrus’s grandmother, Loretta, passed away. And throughout the death and funeral, Cyrus was completely strung out. She also cut herself off from her family as they grieved the loss. To this day, she still carries the guilt of being mentally absent.

“I was there physically, but emotionally, I was not there. I couldn’t be,” she shared. “That was my big eye-opener. I was sitting alone, and I was scared. And I realized that all the people that I love and all the people that I need, I was the one pushing them away.”

Following the revelation, the singer struggled to get back on her “own two feet,” But now she’s on the other side and channeling all of her energy into her music.

While working through her addiction, she poured herself into her upcoming debut album, The Hardest Part, which releases this September.

“I’m not trying to be, like, any spokesperson for recovery or anything like that,” she admitted. “I, myself, am just going through it and figuring it out. I wake up in the mornings, and I’m able to look in a mirror and go on about my day without hating myself. I’m able to comfort myself and nurture myself.”