Old Dominion Posts Photos From Pop-Up Show With Kenny Chesney

by Lauren Boisvert

Old Dominion keeps playing pop-up shows along the Here and Now Tour, and Kenny Chesney just can’t stay away. At an Old Dominion show in Seattle, Washington, Chesney popped in to perform with his friends and tour-mates. The band posted a series of photos from the show on Instagram, showcasing how much fun they’re having on tour.

“These #ODPopUp shows are so fun even the man himself can’t stay away,” the band captioned their photos. “@kennychesney let’s do it again tonight.” Chesney and Old Dominion are playing tonight, July 16, at Lumen Field in Seattle. Next, they’ll be on to Bend, Oregon for two shows on the 19th and 20th. Chesney is concluding his tour at the end of the summer, August 27 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Old Dominion has been delighting fans with pop-up shows all along the tour route. Kenny Chesney, apparently, can’t say no to a little audience interaction, and crashes the pop-up shows. But, the guys in Old Dominion seem happy to have him, and so do the fans. The photos show Chesney rocking out with the band, all smiles.

Chesney–who shattered records with his show in Nashville–also shared a video of the pop-up on his Instagram, showing him joining the band onstage. “Always a special moment sharing the stage,” he captioned the video. “These pop-up shows are incredible and this summer is getting better and better.”

Kenny Chesney Suffers Hand Injury While On Here and Now Tour

While in Philadelphia in late June, Kenny Chesney had a minor setback when he injured his hand while in the middle of a performance. Apparently, he only stopped the music for a moment, as his crew rushed to the stage to bandage his cut finger. He kept on singing throughout the entire ordeal, showing how much of a professional he really is. Music is in his blood, which dripped on his jeans and shirt while he was bandaged up.

It’s still unclear how Chesney got cut, and he didn’t post about it on social media. But, the show must go on, as they say. Chesney is a class act when it comes to performing, clearly. Fans later shared their support, well wishes, and awe at his dedication.

“Kenny Chesney gushing blood from his finger, had someone come out on stage to tape it, all while not missing a beat,” wrote local Philly radio station 95.2 XTU on their Instagram post of the incident.

“@kennychesney literally had a bleeding finger during our concert tonight in Philly and he kept performing… that’s dedication 10/10,” a fan expressed on Twitter. Another wrote, “I was amazed! He didn’t miss a beat the whole time!”

One thing you can say about Kenny Chesney, is he’s dedicated to his craft and knows how to have a good time. He doesn’t let something like a cut finger stop him from having the best summer ever.