Olivia Newton-John’s Music Receives Major Streaming Surge Following Her Death

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the late singer and actress Olivia Newton-John are proving that the performer is still the one they want as Newton-John’s music sees a major surge in streaming since her death. According to recent reports via Luminate Data, the on-demand audio and video streams of the Grease star’s music totaled 11,267,494 as the week of August 11 came to a close. This uptick in streaming shows a shocking 614% increase in just one week.

These numbers are even more impressive when looking at the fact that the legendary singer’s death was announced on August 8, which is just three days before the end of the official chart week. So, these spectacular streaming numbers are likely to represent just a few days of heightened streaming activity.

However, Olivia Newton-John’s 1970s and 1980s hits rarely faced a shortage of streaming activity. The week prior to her death, the Physical singer’s works had 1,577,978 on-demand streams across the platforms. Quite impressive for a star who was topping the charts back in the 1980s!

Olivia Newton-John’s Music Sees A Big Increase In Airplay

Sure, the on-demand streaming numbers reflecting the interest in Olivia Newton John’s works since her August 8 death are quite impressive. However, these numbers even fall short of the increase in airplay the singer received over the last week.

Olivia Newton John’s airplay percentage rose by a bind-blowing 1481% compared to the previous week. These figures are derived from the number of plays the singer had on August 4, a number that sits at 382,500. The following week saw an airplay audience of 6,048,300.

Album Sales Soar Since The Star’s Death Early This Month

The biggest jump in Olivia Newton-John’s music came in music sales. Even in this era where streaming rules, album sales can make an impact. Olivia Newton-John’s album sales saw a 2135% increase in sales compared to the previous week. This reflects a total of 5,836 copies for the week of August 11. This is compared to a number of just 241 album sales from the week before.

Has The Iconic Grease Soundtrack Seen An Increase In Sales Since The Icons Death Earlier This Month?

One of Olivia Newton-John’s most prolific roles – and contributions to the music industry – is, of course, the iconic film Grease and the film’s adjoining soundtrack. So, it’s no real surprise that the Grease soundtrack’s streams went up 231% for the week of August 11.

Sure, this number is quite a bit less than the increases we saw with Olivia Newton-John’s own music catalog. However, there is a simple reason for this…Grease regularly sees impressive streaming numbers already.

For the week of August 11, songs from the Grease soundtrack had around 8,418,675 on-demand streams. This is an increase from the 2,540,498 on-demand streams the soundtrack saw the week before.