Ozzy Osbourne Reveals He Had a ‘Good Chance of Being Paralyzed’ After His Recent Surgery

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly two months after his life-altering surgery on his spine, Ozzy Osbourne reveals he has a good chance of being paralyzed after the procedure. 

As previously reported, doctors had to remove and realign pins in Ozzy Osbourne’s neck and back during the surgery. Osbourne notably sustained neck injuries from a quad bike accident in 2003. He then fell and worsen the ailment in 2019. The musician was required to have 15 screws to be inserted into his back following the 2019 accident. 

While speaking to The Sun, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that his first surgery didn’t go as well as planned. “I was told, ‘You’ve got a good chance of being paralyzed for the rest of your life,’” Osbourne recalled. “You just don’t expect the surgeon to be a f—ing butcher. I was left in agony.”

In 2022, Ozzy Osbourne had two operations. He stated that the procedures helped bring him back to where he wanted to be. “Thank God I found the right surgeon who knows how to deal with spinal problems,” Osbourne shared. “He had to cut nerves and you have to take f—ing nerve-pain pills, but I am getting better. I go forward two inches and back one, but I’m doing.”

While speaking about his daily routines for recovery, Ozzy Osbourne said, “Every morning, I get up and do an hour of physiotherapy, which is slowly working. There’s a hill outside my house and I said to my assistant, ‘I’m going to run up that as soon as I can.’”

Also sharing details about his progress, Ozzy Osbourne disclosed, “I’m a f—ing animal. You can get hold of me and work me as much as you like. I want to wake up and jump out of bed.”

Ozzy Osbourne Praises His Family’s Support Throughout the Surgery Ordeal 

Meanwhile, Ozzy Osbourne speaks highly of his family and friends who have supported him through his road to recovery. “Thank God for Sharon and the kids,” Osbourne stated. “And for so many people in the business. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am.”

Ozzy Osbourne then spoke about his relationship with his daughter, Kelly, and how others continuously reach out to him. “I’m really close to Kelly, who is having a baby, which is great. She got me to phone Andrew Watt [producer of his last two albums]. Slash has been calling me lately and Tony [Iommi] has been in touch regularly to see how I am.”

In regards to if he’s living on “borrowed time” these days, Ozzy Osbourne added, “I can’t complain because I’ve done some f—ing stupid things in my life. I’d be on the road, I’d come off the road and that was my life. So, with these injuries, it’s the longest I’ve ever been at home.”