Ozzy Osbourne Reveals He Thought Eric Clapton Hated Him for 10 Years

by Shelby Scott

At 73 years old, Ozzy Osbourne remains one of the most beloved artists in rock music. We especially saw just how far his fanbase stretched after the former Black Sabbath frontman underwent a brutal surgery to realign the pins in his back. However, ahead of the release of his new album, Patient Number 9, the rockstar admitted that while he still has an adoring fanbase, he thought that, for a long 10 years, fellow rock icon, Eric Clapton, hated him.

According to Yahoo!, Ozzy first got that impression when he met the guitarist during an event in 1989. Per the outlet, Osbourne and Clapton had both been attending the International Rock Awards in New York City at the time when the former was asked to take a picture with Grace Jones.

Osbourne explained, “I was having my photo taken with Grace Jones and all of a sudden Eric [Clapton] was there. I was like, ‘Oh my God, he’s going to think I’m a total d—head.”

But why would he even think that? Well, at the time, the photographer taking the photo of the trio had asked Ozzy Osbourne to give his iconic eye-bulging expression. Osbourne continued, “Reluctantly, I did the look. And I immediately became possessed with the thought that Eric Clapton must hate me.”

What made the encounter worse is that the outlet states Osbourne has always been a big fan of the rock music guitarist. Fortunately, however, things worked out in a way, and Ozzy Osbourne realized Clapton never hated him at all.

Ozzy Osbourne Reunites with Eric Clapton 10 Years Following Their First Encounter

Given Ozzy Osbourne’s admiration for Eric Clapton, it’s hard to imagine the anxiety the rockstar experienced throughout 10 years of doubt. However, eventually, Ozzy Osbourne would come face to face with Eric Clapton a second and third time, sharing much more pleasant interactions with his fellow musician.

“I was at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in the (San Fernando) Valley in LA,” the rocker recalled. “I look over my shoulder and there’s Eric [Clapton].”

Osbourne ran into Clapton twice while attending the AA meeting over a period of weeks. The first time he said he shot out of the meeting, deciding to “get the f— out of there big time just to avoid him.” He then explained that three weeks later, they would come face to face again, though on much friendlier terms.

“Three weeks later, he’s there again,” Ozzy Osbourne remembered, “and, as I walk across the room, he goes, ‘Ozzy! It’s good to see you.'”

Afterward, the duo had a pleasant talk, per the rockstar’s account leaving Osbourne to think, “Wow, what a nice guy.” Afterward, he explained, “It was all about my paranoia.”