Ozzy Osbourne Reveals the Inspiration Behind Latest Single ‘Patient Number 9’

by Blake Ells

Ozzy Osbourne dropped a new single last week called “Patient Number 9.” The heavy metal legend is recovering from a major surgery. But he isn’t slowing down. He’ll release an album by the same name on September 9. He’s also revealing the inspiration behind the new music.

“It’s about being a patient in a mental hospital,” he tells The Boneyard on SiriusXM. The host said that he could relate to that. “Everyone that works here is alcoholics,” Osbourne continued. “Or mental cases. All we do, really, is self-medicate.”

Ozzy Osbourne has some special guests on the new track. The new album will feature collaborations with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and a legendary guitarist.

“Another thing is, Jeff Beck’s playing on this track,” Osbourne continued. “He’s a bit good innit he, Jeff Beck?”

The host points out that the track had different sections. “I like doing a bit of variation,” Osbourne admits. “[Beck] is a master of his craft. Jeff Beck. Eric Clapton. Jimmy Page. Tony Iommi.”

Clapton and Iommi both make guest appearances on the new record, as well. It also features Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo from Metallica, Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses, Mike McCready from Pearl Jam and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. A posthumous appearance from Taylor Hawkins may be the most exciting news about the record.

Osbourne then talks about “the notes you don’t play.”

“That’s very true,” he said. “How did you know what to play there?”

During an appearance on the show last year, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that his relationship with Sharon inspired the lyrics. Fans have had mixed reviews about the new single. But with that guest lineup, it seems like it won’t miss.

Ozzy Osbourne is Recovering and Looking to the Future

The 73-year-old indicates that he is at home and feeling better following his recent procedure. He still hasn’t spoken in-depth about what was done, but a report from Page Six suggests that Osbourne had pins removed and realigned in his neck and back. Not long ago, we learned that Osbourne has fought through Parkinson’s Disease for most of his life.

The Prince of Darkness says he wants to return to the road. It may take a while to reach that point, though. His recovery necessitates an at-home nurse to care for him. He hasn’t performed live since 2018. Certainly, the pandemic played a role in that absence from the road. The new album will be his second release since his last performance, which will give him a lot of new material to debut. Patient Number 9 is Osbourne’s 13th solo album. He recorded nine with Black Sabbath, including the 2013 reunion 13. Hopefully, Ozzy has a speedy recovery and gets back to the road soon.