Ozzy Osbourne Reveals His Top 3 Guitarists of All Time

by Caitlin Berard

Is it just me, or is it strange to imagine Ozzy Osbourne with something as pedestrian as a cell phone? He’s the Prince of Darkness. Surely he has a vampire bat that delivers handwritten messages scrawled across weathered pieces of parchment taken from an ancient tomb… Or, um, you know, something like that.

Sadly, this isn’t the case (as far as we know). Like everyone else, the Godfather of Metal has a regular phone to contact his friends and family. Unlike you or I, however, Ozzy Osbourne has a contact list that would make any music fan weep.

With the touch of a button, Ozzy can get into contact with music legends like Robert Trujillo, Elton John, Rob Halford, and, of course, Tony Iommi. And when it came time to create his newest album, Patient Number 9, he used these lines of communication to the fullest.

The latest addition to the mind-blowing Ozzy Osbourne discography includes features from Zakk Wylde, Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, Black Sabbath icon Tony Iommi, guitar luminary Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton who, hopefully, needs no introduction.

In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, the Prince of Darkness revealed that his vision for Patient Number 9 included the trio he believes makes up the Mount Rushmore of guitar. “I thought getting Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page meant having the greatest guitarists on the planet,” Ozzy explained.

Ozzy Osbourne Explains Why Jimmy Page Isn’t on ‘Patient Number 9’

Without question, Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page is an absolute legend in his own right. However, being listed among the all-time greats of guitar playing by Ozzy Osbourne still has to mean something, right? Well, apparently, not as much as one might think.

According to Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Page isn’t featured on Patient Number 9 because the Zeppelin guitarist never answered his calls. “I don’t even know if he plays anymore,” Ozzy explained. “But I never heard from him. Maybe he’d lost his phone or something!”

Thankfully, missing out on Jimmy Page did nothing to derail Ozzy Osbourne’s efforts with the new album. On the contrary, he couldn’t be more excited about the musicians he was able to reach for a feature.

One of the stellar musicians included in Patient Number 9 is Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, about whom Ozzy can’t say enough. “Rob has always been a great friend of mine,” Osbourne said. “He’s a great bass player and a great guy. He’s the only guy who, when it came time to move, did things the right way.”

“I always ask that the guys who play with me, if they get another offer and want to move on, that’s fine,” he continued. “Just don’t drop me in the sh-t, give me time to get a replacement. Rob’s the only guy who ever did things right by me for that. I’m really happy we’ve got him playing on the new album as well.”