Ozzy Osbourne Shares Throwback Horse Pic After Sharing His Acid Story

by Chris Piner

During the 1970s, a heavy metal band called Black Sabbath quickly rose to international stardom due to their style, song lyrics, and performances. At the front of the band was singer and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne. His persona on stage led to the singer receiving the nickname Prince of Darkness. Surprisingly, given the lifestyle of rockers during the 70s, Osbourne found himself without a band as Black Sabbath fired him due to his alcohol and drug use while on the road. That didn’t appear to slow him down as he went on to release 12 solo albums. With his accolades and exploits well known to all, Osbourne recently explained a time he conversed with a horse for over an hour. 

Speaking with the Daily Star about the legacy he left on the music industry and some of his wildest stories, Ozzy Osbourne surprised fans with his conversation with a horse. Not only did the singer speak on the incident and the drug that led to it happening, but he also shared a picture of himself riding a gracious horse on Twitter. He captioned the post, “Mr. Crowley, won’t you ride my white horse.”

Ozzy Osbourne Talks To A Horse

As for the story, apparently, Ozzy Osbourne, known for his habit to consume almost any drug, explained how acid caused him to have a somewhat insightful talk with a horse. “At that time in America, people were very fond of lacing your drinks with acid. I didn’t care. I used to swallow handfuls of tabs at a time. The end of it came when we got back to England. I took 10 tabs of acid and then went for a walk in a field. I ended up standing there talking to this horse for about an hour.”

While an hour-long conversation in itself can be interesting, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that “In the end, the horse turned round and told me to f–k off. That was it for me.” After that, the singer, soon realizing he had a talk with a horse, vowed to himself to never take acid again. 

Already An Icon, Ozzy Still Wants One Last Run

Although solidified as a legendary icon in music, the star admitted that his time on stage isn’t over even after being inducted into both the UK Music Hall of Fame and the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ozzy Osbourne said, “I still want to have a No.1 record in England. And this album is worthy of being the one. Whatever happens, I won’t let the world forget about me.” He went on to declare, “By hook or by crook I’ll be on stage again one day to say thank you to the fans.”