Ozzy Osbourne Speaks on His Health in the Wake of Major Surgery

by Shelby Scott

Last month, famous rockstar Ozzy Osbourne underwent major surgery to realign the pins in his back and neck after a severe fall several years ago. Now, though, after weeks of recovery, the music icon is speaking out about his condition and his health overall, making an appearance at Comic-Con in Sandiego.

In speaking about his experience at the renowned event, Osbourne told ET, “It’s great, it’s great. I like to see people, you know.” About his surgery and his past ailments, he said, “That’s been the hardest thing of the past three years, because I’ve been trying to recover from my surgery. It’s a slow climb back, you know?”

Aside from a major fall and an even more intense surgery, the outlet reminded Ozzy Osbourne fans that he was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in January 2020. On top of that (as if his other ailments and injuries weren’t overwhelming enough), he’s still battling side effects from a bike accident in 2003.

At 73 years old, one might think multiple physical disabilities and drawbacks would halt Ozzy Osbourne’s career. However, the opposite seems to be true. After coming out of his surgery in June, the rock legend announced the release date of his upcoming album, Patient Number 9. In speaking about the new album, Ozzy said, “I love the record. I hope the fans do [too].”

Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Patient Number 9’ Video to Feature His Hand-Drawn Artwork

New music isn’t the only project Ozzy Osbourne’s been working on. Ahead of the release of his brand new album, which debuts on September 9th, the rockstar shared that the video for “Patient Number 9” will be the first ever to feature his hand-drawn artwork. See a preview of the clip’s imagery below.

Taking to Twitter earlier this month, Ozzy Osbourne announced, “#PatientNumber9 is the first-ever video to incorporate my hand-drawn artwork. My demons were animated and can be seen during the [Jeff Beck] guitar solo in the song.”

Fans, already pumped for the album, took to the comments to share their excitement.

“I peeped out the art when I saw the video the first time,” one fan shared. “It put a smile on my face.”

Another said, “LOVE this song and video Ozzy! It’s kickass and so YOU! I watched it over and over!”

Simultaneously, other fans asked the longtime musician to include more of his personal artwork in future music videos. And now, given his recent surgery with hopes to correct previous pain and discomfort, fans will hopefully see their wish granted.

In addition, to a new album and new artwork, Ozzy Osbourne is also looking forward to becoming a grandfather. With his daughter Kelly Osbourne now six months pregnant, he boasted during his appearance at Comic-Con, “Kelly is big and she’s beautiful and I love it.”

Overall, I’d say Ozzy Osbourne has a lot of exciting things coming his way in the next few months.