Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Patient Number 9’ Scores No. 1 Debut on Billboard’s Hard Rock Songs Chart

by Sean Griffin

Ozzy Osbourne hasn’t quit rocking. The former lead singer of Black Sabbath recently announced a new album. Osbourne’s Patient Number 9, will be released on September 9, 2022. The singer released the self-titled lead single last week. Ozzy Osbourne also just shared his 40th wedding anniversary with wife Sharon.

According to Billboard, the song debuted at the number one spot on their “Hot Hard Rock Songs” chart. You can listen to Osbourne’s latest single by clicking the YouTube link below.

The “Crazy Train” singer collaborates with acclaimed guitarist Jeff Beck. According to Brave Words, this is the singer’s first-ever No. 1 song on the “Hot Hard Rock Songs” chart. Scoring a number one single this late into his career is a testament to Osbourne’s devoted fanbase and creative longevity. However, technically, the “Hot Hard Rock Songs” chart has only been around since June 2020. However, his new effort tops his previous best ranking at #7. His collaboration with Elton John in June 2020 on “Ordinary Man” was previously his highest spot on the chart. With Ozzy Osbourne’s newest collaboration with Beck, Beck gets his first showing on the rankings.

Right now, “Patient Number 9” holds debut spots of #17 and #22 on Hot Rock Songs and Hot Rock & Alternative Songs, respectively. 

Tom McFarlane, Grammy-nominated music video director, directed the video for Ozzy Osbourne’s latest single. McFarlane talked about working with the “Prince of Darkness.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s New Music Video

“Having worked with Ozzy in the past, I jumped at another opportunity to do so again…especially on the music side this time,” Todd McFarlane said. “In the harsh business called the music industry, any creative person who’s sustained a multi-decades career has shown the skill, talent, and tenacity that will always garner my admiration. Ozzy has shown many of us creative folks that it’s indeed possible to make a living doing what you love for nearly an entire lifetime. Go, Ozzy!”

The music video, linked here, can also be watched below. The video has been watched over 2 million times and is currently YouTube’s 98th most popular music video.

Ozzy Osbourne’s new single “Patient Number 9” was written by Ozzy, Watt, Robert Trujillo, Chad Smith and Ali Tamposi. The song features a one-of-a-kind riff from iconic guitarist Jeff Beck.

Ozzy joined with producer Watt for the second time. He welcomed a star-studded lineup to support his album. Firstly, the album features guitarists Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. Secondly, it contains his long-time partner and incredible musician Zakk Wylde. Wylde is heard on the majority of the tracks.

Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers takes up the drums on most tracks. Additionally, the late Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters made an appearance.

Next, a one-time bandmate of Ozzy, Robert Trujillo of Metallica, assists with bass on the majority of the tracks. Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses and Chris Chaney of Jane’s Addiction also play bass on a song or two. Also, for the first time, Tony Iommi will feature on an Ozzy solo album. Iommi co-founded Black Sabbath along with Ozzy Osbourne.