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Patti LaBelle Rushed Off Stage During Milwaukee Concert Over Bomb Threat

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation)

Chaos erupted on Saturday (December 10th) when music sensation Patti LaBelle was rushed off stage during a concert in Milwaukee due to a bomb threat. 

According to CNN, Patti LaBelle was quickly rushed off the stage at Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater during her performance. LaBelle was heard yelling “Wait” in a video clip as three individuals pushed her mic stand away and forcibly escorted her off-stage without any explanation. The band members who were performing with LaBelle were rushed behind her and heard asking “What happened?”

Pabst Theater Group, who organized the performance, confirmed that the show was halted due to a bomb threat. “Tonight’s Patti LaBelle show at the Riverside Theater has been postponed following a bomb threat investigated by the Milwaukee Police Department,” the company shared in a statement. “We are thankful for the efforts of the Milwaukee Police Department and our customers and staff for their safe and orderly exit. We are working with the artist to reschedule the show.”

TMJ4 further reported that police stated everyone attending the event was safely evacuated. It was also noted that the investigation into the bomb threat is “fluid and ongoing”. However, after the theater was searched by K9 units, police reported that no explosive devices were discovered. They then said there was no threat to the public at this point. 

One of the concert attendees, Scott Pierce, told the Journal Sentinel that everything happened so quickly. “Everybody very calmly exited the theater in a disbelieving manner,” he explained. “I heard lots of comments about how sad it was that someone would pull a pathetic stunt. Before the incident, the crowd was really enjoying Patti. Just sad that someone does this.” 

Patti LaBelle Recently Revealed She Doesn’t Consider Herself A ‘Diva’ 

While speaking to Revolt in July 2022, Patti LaBelle opened up about the public perception of her, including being labeled as a “diva.”

“I’ve never believed in the word diva,” Patti LaBelle shared. “I think that word is for grand opera singers. I’m just Patti – I sing, I try to dance, and I’m not a diva. Maybe I have some diva qualities, but I don’t think I’m a diva.” 

Meanwhile, Patti LaBelle spoke about what she thinks is her greatest accomplishment – and no, it’s not her iconic music career. “The birth of my son was the best thing that could’ve happened to me,” she declared. “I didn’t think I wanted to be a mother because this was at the time when Labelle was doing all of their things — I didn’t want to get pregnant but I did. He’s my manager now, and we fought yesterday about certain things I wanted to do (laughs) and certain things I wanted to wear, but he’s the best blessing of all.”