Paul McCartney Mourns Heartbreaking Loss of Close Family Member

by Chris Piner

Influenced by musicians like Little Richard and Buddy Holly as a kid, Paul McCartney, grew up to become a legendary musician himself thanks to being a vocalist and bassist for The Beatles. Not only considered one of the most successful performers of all time, McCartney’s partnership with John Lennon is the most successful in history. No matter which way a person looks at it, Paul McCartney did more than watch history, he made it. While the musician has more than enough to be happy about, on Thursday, he shared the sad news that his brother-in-law, John Eastman, passed away at 83

Being more than the brother-in-law to Paul McCartney, John Eastman was a famous attorney in the music industry. Making a successful career for himself, Eastman eventually purchased a glorious penthouse overlooking Central Park in New York City. The residence cost the attorney a staggering $26.5 million. Sadly, Eastman passing away from pancreatic cancer appears to run in the family. Paul McCartney’s first wife, Linda Eastman McCartney, passed away in 1998 after struggling with breast cancer. 

Paul McCartney Shares Tribute To Brother-In-Law

Not long after the news broke, Paul McCartney shared a heartfelt message about his late friend. “My dear brother-in-law, John Eastman, has passed away. Having known each other for over 50 years it is an extremely sad time for me, and our families. John was a great man. One of the nicest and smartest people I have had the good luck to have known in my life.” 

Continuing to share great moments between the two, Paul McCartney added, “Not only did he help me massively in my business dealings as my lawyer but as a friend he was hard to beat. His sense of humour always shone through in everything he did and his devotion to his family was supreme. We had so many fun times together through the years, but when the time came to be serious, he was unbeatable. There is so much more that can be said of his incredible qualities, but words can hardly describe his passion for life and our affection for this amazing man.”

John Eastman Helped The Singer With More Than Music

Although gone, Paul McCartney declared that Eastman lived on in their hearts. “He will be sorely missed but always held dear in the hearts of those of us who knew and loved him. See ya Johnny! Love Paul.”

Beyond being an attorney, John Eastman helped Paul McCartney deal with the terrible news when his first wife passed away. Being there for him whenever needed, the attorney walked the musician through the breakup of The Beatles, helping him with his solo career which led to the frontman having future success.