Pearl Jam Forced To Cancel Second Concert Due To Eddie Vedder’s Illness

by Chris Piner

With over three decades of entertaining fans and performing all over the world, the hit band Pearl Jam has canceled yet another show after frontman Eddie Vedder recently damaged his throat. Just yesterday, the band made the announcement that Pearl Jam was canceling their show in Vienna. They wrote, “due to the extreme circumstances at the last outdoor site outside of Paris (heat, dust, and smoke from the fires) our singer Ed Vedder’s throat was left damaged. He has seen doctors and had treatment but as of yet, his vocal cords have not recovered.” After apologizing, the band assured fans they would return. That was until today. 

Sharing an update on Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam informed fans awaiting their Prague performance that they were canceling yet another show. Posting on Instagram, they wrote, “We were hopeful that Ed would make a recovery in time to perform tomorrow. He has seen a doctor in Prague and is continuing the treatments for his vocal cords, but unfortunately, there is still no voice available. The effects on his throat from the last outdoor show are still just too brutal.”

Tickets Refunded As Eddie Vedder Focusing On Recovery

Just like the first post, Pearl Jam was sincerely sorry for canceling their shows. “We again send our sincere apologies to all of those who have worked intensely to put on the show. Even bigger apologies to those that were expecting to attend. We’ve always had memorable shows here and are with you in our extreme disappointment. You can be guaranteed we are doing everything we can to help fix the situation. Again, so sorry.”

On top of the apologies from Pearl Jam, the band promised that tickets sold for the concert were being refunded. But as already mentioned above, they added that they are trying to fix the issue and get back to the stage as soon as possible. 

Before the sudden cancellation, Pearl Jam performed on Sunday at Lollapalooza Paris. The band took the stage for a total of 22 songs. 

No Fighting Allowed For Pearl Jam

Recently, Eddie Vedder made headlines when he confronted an aggressive fan when she hit a man over the head. Stopping the show, the singer demanded, “The thing is, I know it upset you, but you can’t fuckin’ hit him in the back of head either, even though you’re a woman. I appreciate the fact that you can be strong. Quit hitting him — you’re out of here. Violence is not allowed. I’m sorry ma’am, there’s no violence allowed. You could’ve waved to me, I was lookin’ right at you. Sorry about that, it’s just not cool, we’re not hittin’ people here. Sorry.”

After being escorted out, Eddie Vedder and the rest of Pearl Jam continued their concert. While it is unknown when Vedder will return, the band is scheduled for a North American tour on September 1st.