PHOTOS: Jon Bon Jovi’s Son Gets Engaged in the Hamptons

by Sean Griffin

Jesse Bongiovi, Jon Bon Jovi’s son, proposed to his girlfriend Jesse Light, a television producer, at his East Hampton home this weekend. Both his parents and her parents watched the proposal. Jesse Bongiovi shared pictures of the occasion on Instagram.

The whole group loaded into two SUVs afterwards—even taking their dog Bella—and headed to the deck of the trendy Surf Lodge in Montauk, New York to celebrate the engagement.

Apparently, according to Page Six, the couple met at the spot back in 2018 during Labor Day weekend. That makes it a perfect place to celebrate their new engagement.

“The staff brought out a couple of giant magnums and everyone was clapping,” says one observer.

Tons of fans and friends commented on Instagram to congratulate Bongiovi and his fiancee. “Yessir congratulations brother!!!” one account wrote. Another wrote,” CRYING!! SO HAPPY FOR YALL.”

Bongiovi, 27, co-founded the wine brand Hampton Water. He formerly played football at University of Notre Dame. Light serves as a producer of the Amazon Prime Video show Forever Summer Hamptons.

A source also tells Page Six that younger brother Jake Bongiovi and his girlfriend Millie Bobbie Brown sent the couple well-wishes from London. Brown famously stars as “Eleven” in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

Jon Bon Jovi’s Son Jake Wants to Become an Actor

Jon Bon Jovi’s son Jake recently revealed plans to stay in the entertainment business like his father. However, Jake doesn’t plan to be a musician like his dad.

In an interview with Man About Town magazine, Jon Bon Jovi’s son told the outlet of his plans to act professionally. He stressed he had no interest in working in music.

“I think I’ll leave that to my dad! There’s really no following the act there,” the 20-year-old said about choosing his own path.

He added, “There was always music playing in the house growing up, all different types of genres from all different types of worlds. But what spoke to me were the people on the screen, not the voices through the speakers.”

According to Jake, having a famous dad has helped prepare the young actor for what lies ahead. “Having my father’s influence has been a wonderful learning curve,” he said about having the rock-n-roll icon as a dad. “It’s just great to hear it directly from a first-person source, their experience coming up through artistic expression.’”

Furthermore, Jake talks about crafting and maintaining one’s identity and how central it is for happiness and success. “As long as you can have your identity – who you are and what you originally set out to do – and keep that strong, that’s the goal.”