Rage Against the Machine Cancels European Leg of Tour Following Zack de la Rocha Injury

by Alex Falls

European fans of the rap-metal fusion band Rage Against the Machine were disappointed to learn the band is forced to cancel the European leg of their world tour.

Rage Against the Machine’s massive “Public Service Announcement” reunion tour has been a display of great tenacity on the part of Zack de la Rocha. The singer injured his leg during just the fourth song of the second show on the tour. Ever since, he’s been performing while sitting down on a road case center stage because of the cast around his lower left leg and foot.

The first leg of the tour covered the eastern parts of the US and Canada. The band is currently wrapping up a five-night stay at the world-famous Madison Square Garden. Which was meant to be the final American stop before kicking off a run of European dates later this month.

However, those European dates are now officially canceled. Rage Against the Machine released the following statement regarding the cancellation.

“Per medical guidance, Zack de la Rocha has been advised that the August and September 2022 UK and European leg of the Rage Against the Machine tour cannot proceed, It is with great disappointment that we announce this cancellation”

The band still plans to resume touring in 2023. The third leg of the tour is scheduled to cover western and central parts of the US and Canada. There’s no word on if the canceled European dates will be rescheduled.

Rocky Road for Rage Fans

Rage Against the Machine were one of the most popular bands in music when they broke out onto the scene in the 90s. Their trademark blend of political message and aggressive melodies made them tailor-made for the hard rock scene of the decade.

However, the band called it quits at the turn of the decade and disbanded in 2000. The musicians went on to form Audioslave with the late Chris Cornell and de la Rocha focused on solo projects.

Rage Against the Machine briefly reunited in 2007 and performed sporadically at festivals and special events until 2011. Afterward, the band went dormant and rumors swirled for years about a reunion tour and new music. But nothing ever came to fruition.

Not until 2020 when it was finally confirmed the band would reunite. It would be their first shows in almost 10 years and their first fully-fledged tour in 20 years. But the world wasn’t done throwing the band and their fans curve balls. Weeks after the initial announcement of the “Public Service Announcement” tour the COVID-19 pandemic hit and continued to delay the tour another two years.

When the tour finally kicked off earlier this summer, de la Rocha injured his leg in the first show. Instead of delaying things further, he pushed forward by performing sitting down with a cast. Unfortunately for European fans, the singer’s endurance has caught up with him. Now many fans will miss out on the rare concert performance.