Randy Travis Opens Up About Being an Influential Artist

by Jonathan Howard

Although he is clearly an icon in country music, Randy Travis never quite got used to being an influence on younger generations of singers. It’s something that the North Carolina native was humble about. Looking back on one recording of More Life, we got a chance to hear from the man himself how he feels about other artists praising him. When you have the resume he has, others tend to take notice.

One singer-songwriter that was heavily influenced by Randy Travis is Josh Turner. With his baritone voice singing out love songs and ballads, it’s clear. And, even then, Turner wasn’t sure what to expect from his idol.

“I will honestly say that’s not the case with Randy Travis. He is everything that I ever hoped he would be. And believe me, those thoughts ran through my mind before I had met you, I didn’t know what to expect,” Turner explained.

However, the Three Wooden Crosses singer was clearly a little embarrassed by the praise. That charm and humility are part of what makes him so great.

“It makes me uncomfortable when someone’s telling you they grew up listening to you,” he admits in Episode 5 of More Life. “You’re the reason they sing the kind of songs they sing or decisions other than that too that they’ve made. You don’t know how to respond to some of these compliments and I appreciate it so much but where I came from, growing up, as I did, hearing that something was a good influence to somebody from me was probably not anything like I thought I’d hear.”

While he might be surprised about it, that doesn’t change the fact he’s inspired many people. Fans and artists alike.

Josh Turner Tells the Story of the First Time He Met Randy Travis

The very first time meeting a big star can be absolutely nerve-wracking. When you are a young artist yourself, it can mean the world. First impressions are everything. Heck, you might even get a feature on a song with them. For Josh Turner, that’s how things turned out.

Turner broke down the story about the first time he met Randy Travis. It was quite a moment indeed.

“But the first time I ever met Randy was out in Las Vegas at the ACM Awards. Randy was in his seat and they came to take him backstage during a commercial break and on the way backstage, I noticed every move he made. He stopped and talked to this little old lady who was working as an usher there at the MGM that night. … But he stood there and talked to that little old lady like they were related.”

Randy Travis deserves all of the praise. For talking to old ladies, for all of the great music, and everything else that he’s done for those he’s encountered. Long live, Randy.

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