Reba McEntire Teases ‘Something Up My Sleeve’ With Stunning Throwback Pic

by Samantha Whidden

On Thursday (July 7th), country music legend Reba McEntire took to her Instagram account to share a gorgeous throwback snapshot of a performance earlier this year. 

“Throwing it back to our tour dates earlier this year!” Reba McEntire declared in the post and even teased some big news. “Might have something up my sleeve to tell y’all about next week…”

The news “teaser” comes just days after Reba McEntire announced she is joining forces with her boyfriend, Rex Linn, for the Lifetime movie, “The Hammer.”

As previously reported, Reba McEntire will be playing “outspoke, firecracker lawyer” Kim Wheeler. The character was appointed judge of the 5th District of Nevada. The character is considered one of the few traveling judges left in the U.S. She joins the investigation to find out what happened to the former judge, who died under suspicious circumstances. 

Reba McEntire previously spoke about teaming up with Linn for the new movie. “We’re trying, I’m trying to get him on this. We’re supposed to see the script on the first of April. So, when we get the script, oh yeah, we’d love to work together. We’ve been trying to work together ever since we got together two years ago. 

Reba McEntire will be co-producing the movie. Filming begins later this month.

Reba McEntire Opens Up About Her Successful Singing Career & Her Impact in the Music World

While speaking to Off the Record in June 2021, Reba McEntire spoke about her nearly five-decade-long music career. 

“When I said in 1984 that I’m ready to stick my foot in the door for the women of country music and carry the banner for the women of country music,” Reba McEntire shared. “Because so many people had paved the road for me, Loretta, Kitty Wells, Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell, Anne Murray, Tammy Wynette, and now it’s my turn to extend the pavement a little bit further. I knew it was my responsibility.”

While discussing her influence on the music world, Reba McEntire recalled playing basketball in high school and how Oklahoma had a little project out of words of encouragement. “On one page, it said, ‘Little Eyes Are Watching’. And it was a poem,” McEntire said. “And I knew that what that meant is whatever you do on stage or off stage, little eyes are watching and that’s going to influence another human being’s life one way or the other is how you act.”

Reba McEntire noted that when she got into that position in country music, she knew it was her job to pave the way. But she knew little eyes were watching her as well.  “So be careful what you do. So it’s a huge responsibility that I took on with open arms.”