Red Hot Chili Peppers Announce Major Band Update During Tour Opener

by Samantha Whidden

Despite the soggy beginning of their 2022 tour, the Red Hot Chili Peppers announced a major update during their opener that gave fans a reason to scream in excitement. 

According to Variety, Red Hot Chili Peppers unveiled their new album, “Return of the Dream Canteen.” The album is the music group’s second full-length album of the year. Following the big announcement, the band kept playing through rough weather at Denver’s Empower Field at Mile High. 

“We have a brand-new double album stacked to the brim,” Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea declared on stage. Kids then stated, “It’s f—ing good news, man. Do you have a single in mind?” Flea gave an interesting response. “The single might be called ‘Tippa My Tongue.’ I don’t know for sure.”

Billboard further reports that the new album will be released on October 14. It is being produced by Rick Rubin, who produced the group’s platinum-selling “Unlimited Love” in April. He also produced 1991’s “Blood Sugars Sex Magik” and 1999’s “Californication.”

The rock group is currently on tour from now until mid-October. Tour stops include a sold-out concert in Los Angeles, California; Seattle, Washington, Las Vegas, Nevada; and Nashville, Tennessee.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Bandmates Say They Feel Like ‘A New Band’ 

While speaking to NME earlier this year, the bandmates from Red Hot Chili Peppers discussed how they felt like a whole new band. 

“We feel fresh, like a new band,” lead guitarist John Frusciante stated. “I put a lot less of my ego [into it] than I had previously and I think that was true with everybody. It wasn’t so much a competition thing as really wanting to give a part of ourselves to another [and] being excited to listen to what others bring in.”

Frusciante also reflected on the band’s past albums. “This time it felt very much like people who care about each other and are genuinely excited for everybody else to be the best that they can be.”

Anthony Kiedis agrees with Frusciante on the group’s development. “The dynamic was very healthy, productive and creative. Sometimes [we] can be a little too competitive and it can lead to discord, but [this time] we really pushed each other in a positive way.”

Kids then spoke about the group’s new music. “I really didn’t want to tell the same old story that we’ve been hearing for the last 50 years in rock music,” he explained. “I liked reaching out in 10,000 directions and seeing what was out there. We weren’t limiting ourselves but trying to tap into something that is honest and emotional. Hopefully, we’ve said something that hasn’t been said before, or at least said it in a way that hasn’t.”