Richard Marx Explains Why ‘One Day Longer’ With Keith Urban Was Released Years After They Wrote It

by Joe Rutland

Songwriters and musicians have a rhythm all themselves and Richard Marx and Keith Urban do work well together. They have been writing songs for a period of time and one of those “old” ones is One Day Longer. Apparently, Marx had this song written by both of them on his laptop. Well, it would find a spot among some country music songs that will appear on the Marx album Songwriter. So, what’s the story around why this song gets released years after they wrote it?

“I sent Keith a voice note saying that I was putting out One Day Longer and he texts me back and he says, ‘I have no recollection of that song, but it sounds really good,'” Marx told People magazine, according to Fox News. “He sounded like he couldn’t believe that we would write something so good together.” Among some of those songs they have written together include Everybody, Better Life, and Long Hot Summer.

Keith Urban Loses Interest Sometimes Due To Hunger Pains

Marx would talk about the ups and downs when it comes to working with Urban. There’s something interesting when it comes to the rhythm between both men. “When we write a song, Keith is always over the moon about it on Monday and by Wednesday he’s not into it anymore,” Marx said. “It goes from ‘This is the greatest song that’s ever been written by any two people ever’ to ‘I have no interest in this song whatsoever.’ So I’m used to the sort of bipolar thing that happens when I write with him.”

But there must be something about the songwriting on a specific day and time, right? This is worth leaning into when it comes to Keith Urban. “I remember Keith saying to me… ‘I love this song but I’m really hungry right now and I hate everything when I’m hungry,'” Marx said. “A couple of days later, he was no longer into it.” Imagine being that great a songwriter and kind of losing interest due to hunger pains.

Meanwhile, Urban’s wife, actress Nicole Kidman, has put the squash down on any partying that her husband might want to do. InTouch Weekly reported that Kidman stayed close to Urban while he was in his residency in Las Vegas. Well, part of it had to do with him staying clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. “Everyone’s heard nightmare stories about people having affairs while in town,” a source told the outlet. “Nicole keeps him close to help block temptation.”