Rick Astley Says He Would Have ‘Self-Imploded’ If He Didn’t Retire at 27

by Chris Piner

While popular in the 80s, Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up grew to internet stardom by becoming a meme and gaining more than a billion views on YouTube. Although a hit over 40 years later, the man behind the iconic song recently admitted that he was happy about retiring from music at 27 years old. Selling over 40 million records worldwide, the singer explained the music industry, his dedication to pop music, and falling out of love with music. 

Sitting down with Six Page to discuss his time as a pop singer and what drove him to retire, Rick Astley said, “I kind of feel that if I hadn’t of done it then I would have self-imploded. The problem with pop music is, when you’re in the real pop end of it like I was, it’s every single minute and hour of everyday or nothing. And there is no in-between because everyone else does everything so you have to do everything.”

With the music industry always looking for the next big act, Rick Astley noted how some singers were willing to do anything to make it. “I was when I started, but I wasn’t in the end so I just thought, I don’t love it enough.”

Rick Astley’s Take On RickRolling

Although Rick Astley stepped away from music, that didn’t mean he wasn’t a fan of the internet’s obsession with him and Rickrolling. “Obviously some people are sick to death of the whole Rickrolling thing and anything else to do with it or me, but I think I just I have to have a little distance from it. Our daughter actually put me straight on that. Fifteen years she said ‘look just remember it’s kind of got nothing to do with you.’”

The singer added, “And I was a bit like, ‘What do you mean?,’ and I couldn’t get what she was talking about and all she was trying to relay to me was that it’s just a thing on the internet. Next week it will be something else, and OK, it has hung around and it’s found its little spot on the internet, but she was absolutely right, once it goes on the internet it doesn’t belong to you anymore.”

Touring With Other Famous Groups

Rick Astley’s retirement appeared to be just a placeholder as he is currently on tour with other legendary groups like Salt-N-Pepa, En Vogue, and the massively successful Backstreet Boys. He is having a blast too. “What’s amazing is that Backstreet Boys go on first so by the time I actually go up there, the crowd’s in full swing, so it’s a lot of fun. It’s just been a really nice thing to do for the summer.”