Ringo Starr Sparks Social Media Frenzy With Strange Photo of His Toes

by Joe Rutland

Ringo Starr is all about peace and love a lot of these days yet what in the world is going on with his toes on a Saturday? Some people would like to know. You can check out what Ringo is putting down here. Those toes have been keeping the beat for The Beatles and his own songs like It Don’t Come Easy and Photograph.

TMZ is surmising that he might be looking to keep up the pace with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who went all naked on a recent picture he shared. Well, it appears that Tommy was simply showing more of himself than anyone might want to see. But if you check out Ringo’s photo, there’s also a Blu-Ray version of the great documentary Get Back. He might have been promoting its availability. But the toes, Ringo. The toes! Goodness. He’s just showing off here in his own way.

Ringo Starr Talked About His Legacy With The Beatles

We would not want to let some of the comments shared by Ringo’s fans get ignored. Heavens no. One wrote, “RINGO NO.” Another one wrote, “RINGO WHAT IS THIS.”

Oh, brother, these Ringo fans appear to be beside themselves on a Saturday night. This one said, “Ringo no not the toes.” We will close out the comments area with a throwback to one of his band’s great songs of all time. You know it. Here is this fan’s comment: “HELP.”

Would we let this story pass without some stuff from Ringo about The Beatles? Hardly. Recently, he talked about the band’s legacy 60 years after he joined them. For those rock music fans, you know that Pete Best was the band’s first drummer before Ringo would come on board.

“I played occasionally with the boys, and that’s how I got to know them,” Starr said during an interview with the Today Show Australia. “Then I’m playing with Rory [Storm], and we had a three-month gig at Portland’s holiday camp which was ‘wow.’ Brian [The Beatles manager Epstein] called on Wednesday and said, ‘Hey, excuse me, Ringo. The boys and I have been talking and they’d like you to join the band.’ I said, ‘Well, when do you want me to join?’ He said, ‘Tonight.'”

And he would join them, becoming one the greatest rock music drummers in history. Ringo just took his seat behind the drums and owned it from the first time he backed John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison. The stories about Beatlemania are legendary. Of course, the music itself remains the message all these years later. You can still see Starr out on the road with his All-Stars, which also is made up of a lot of great musicians, too.