Rumors of Feud Between ‘American Idol’ Champs Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood Reignite After Album Releases

by Chris Piner

Since its debut in 2002, American Idol catapulted numerous singers into the mainstream spotlight as they went on to become international superstars. Among some of the most talented winners on the show were none other than original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. But not far behind her was the talented Carrie Underwood as well. Both being country music stars and American Idol winners, rumors have circulated over the last few years that neither singer cares much for the other and the constant comparison of the two drives them crazy. And with both releasing albums in June, the rumors have once again flourished. 

On June 9th, Kelly Clarkson released her EP Kellyoke, which received positive reviews. Not 24 hours later, Carrie Underwood showcased her 9th album called Denim & Rhinestones. According to a source speaking with Entertainment Times, the winner of Season 4 of American Idol found an issue with Clarkson dropping her EP a day before. 

Kelly Clarkson Talks About Her Relationship With Carrie Underwood

The source said, “Carrie worked long and hard on her album. She co-wrote most of the songs and the lyrics came from her heart. Then there’s Kelly, putting out an EP of the cover made famous by other people. Kelly’s album was meant to be a fun record to listen to on summer road trips, but you can’t step on Carrie’s toes like that and not feel the consequences from Carrie and her fans.”

Although the rumors have been ongoing, in 2018, while attending the Radio Disney Music Awards, Kelly Clarkson tried to bury the claims by taking a picture with Carrie Underwood on the red carpet. “Everybody always tries to pit me and Carrie against each other. So, when I saw her I was like, ‘You know what? Let’s just end this right now and get a picture together because we are never in the same place.’ And, like, it never happens. And people always try to put it together like we’re enemies. And I’m like, ‘We don’t even know each other well enough to be enemies.’”

Appearing On The Kelly Clarkson Show

Barely a year later, Kelly Clarkson brought up the supposed feud once again when a friend sent her the picture below. Clarkson wrote, “Someone just sent me this & I’m like why does she get the good pic & I have the worst expression I’ve ever made w/zero muscles being used in my face ha! I officially have a feud w/whoever used this pic! At least give me a good pic if y’all are gonna be lying is all I’m sayin.”

While Kelly Clarkson is more than open about her feelings, not much comes from Carrie Underwood. She did appear on an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2020. The pair talked about the Christmas holiday and their favorite movies. There were no talks about the rumors between the two.