Sam Hunt Forced To Bow Out of Upcoming Boots & Hearts Music Festival

by Sean Griffin

Sam Hunt took to Twitter to post an unfortunate update for fans attending the Boots & Hearts Music Festival.

“Unfortunately, due to ongoing government restrictions, Sam Hunt will not be able to perform at Boots & Hearts Music Festival on August 5th,” his account wrote. “We were hopeful these restrictions would be lifted as the date got closer, but it’s now apparent that won’t happen. Boots & Hearts Music Festival has secured a great replacement, and we all hope you can continue to have a great weekend in Burl’s Creek.”

Boots & Hearts Music Festival is Canada’s largest camping and country music festival. The event takes place from Thursday, August 4 to Sunday, August 7.

On Twitter, many fans suspected the cancellation was due to Sam Hunt’s vaccination status. Predictably, this set a firestorm of comments with users on both sides voicing their beliefs. Some users expressed that Hunt should’ve received the vaccine, and others disagreed with that viewpoint.

“Ahh it’s in Canada…makes sense!” one user wrote. However, another user said, “Was today the day I found out Sam Hunt is anti vax!?”

However, regardless of the reason, Canadian fans won’t be able to see Sam Hunt perform at the Boots & Hearts Music Festival.

Sam Hunt’s New Baby and Divorce Filings

Recently, Sam Hunt’s life has been very busy.

He welcomed a new daughter to the world earlier this year. He recently showed her on social media for the first time in an Instagram post.

In the Fourth of July weekend video, the singer shows a behind-the-scenes look at his family life.

The singer’s fans took to the comments to share their love for his daughter Lucy.

“Great video,” one fan wrote, “and I love it that Lucy is in the video.”

For a few moments, we see the infant daughter seated in the arms of one of Hunt’s other children. The little girl is wrapped in a blanket and wearing a bow.

“Love seeing content like this!” another fan commented. “Hope your family enjoyed the holiday!”

According to Taste of Country, we still don’t know much about his new daughter.

Neither her birthday nor her full name has been revealed yet. So far, he’s apparently referred to her just once on stage, identifying the baby as “Lucy Lou” to his audience.

However, while Sam Hunt did welcome a new daughter, his marriage had some struggles this year. His wife filed for divorce in February 2022 before retracting her filing in May 2022. Perhaps the birth of their daughter saved their marriage.