Sam Hunt Reveals First Look at His Newborn Daughter

by Shelby Scott

Sam Hunt might be reminiscing on 23 with his latest radio single, however, his newest Instagram post puts a heavy focus on the “now.” In celebration of the Fourth of July, Sam Hunt shared a rare clip that goes behind the scenes of his very busy lifestyle, putting aside the music and taking a moment to spend time with his family and, most importantly, his kids. However, even more surprising, the clip not only shows us a little bit of Hunt’s family life, but it also gives us our first official glimpse at the country music star’s newborn daughter. Look for her at about the 38-second mark in the video below.

Sam Hunt Fans Share Their Love For Baby Lucy

The clip, set to the soundtrack of John Anderson’s “Black Sheep,” takes us through a day spent with Sam Hunt and Co. as they took to the water to fish, drank beer, and just enjoyed time together as a family.

“Wake me up early, be good to my dogs and teach my children to pray,” Sam Hunt captioned the post, referencing the twangy song spinning in the background.

The singer’s fans, anxious to get a glimpse of the baby after the couple welcomed little Lucy in May, took to the comments to share their love.

“Great video,” one fan wrote, “and I love it that Lucy is in the video.”

For a few moments, we catch a glimpse of the infant, seated in one of Sam Hunt’s other kids’ arms. Wrapped in a blanket and wearing a bow and one sock, the little girl is the picture of peace.

“Love seeing content like this!” another of the star’s fans commented. “Hope your family enjoyed the holiday!”

According to Taste of Country, we still know very little about Sam Hunt’s newest addition. As per the outlet, neither her birthday nor her full name has been revealed. So far, he’s reportedly referred to her just once on stage, identifying the baby as “Lucy Lou” to his audience.

’23’ Singer Rarely Posts On Social Media

There are plenty of reasons some celebrities choose not to post on social media too frequently. And, in the case of Sam Hunt, a lot of that might actually have to do with his at-home life.

First off, having a new baby around is no easy task. It takes a lot of adjusting compromise and, given that Sam Hunt is also currently touring, life is like pretty busy.

In addition, though, he and his wife Hannah Lee Fowler faced some problems in their marriage several months ago, with Lucy’s mother filing for divorce multiple times in the span of a few weeks. In the end, she retracted the divorce and the pair seem to be fixing things while also adjusting to life with a bay.

As per Taste of Country, Sam Hunt’s 12 music and tour-related tweets in June “more than doubled” his total tweets for the current year.