Shania Twain Speaks Out About ‘Grief’ of Mutt Lange Divorce in New Netflix Documentary

by Blake Ells

Shania Twain’s new career-spanning documentary hit Netflix on Tuesday. It was filmed during the pandemic, which presented plenty of challenges.

“Filming a documentary about myself was pretty surreal and even more so during a pandemic! We started this whole thing in 2020 and did a lot of interviews and prep stuff over zoom, while trying to film as much as we could during the moments when the world opened up a little more and people were able to travel. All of that has resulted in Not Just a Girl… I hope you enjoy watching it. Available on @netflix now. Thanks to the whole team who put this together … there’s a lot of us!!” she shared to social media ahead of the film’s release.

Not Just a Girl follows Shania Twain from her humble beginnings in Canada all the way to Nashville. It chronicles her breaking down barriers in country music and taking the world by storm. It features candid interviews with Kelsea Ballerini, Lionel Richie, Diplo, Bo Derek and Orville Peck among others. It also features candid conversations with Twain herself.

One of those conversations is about her marriage to famed rock and roll producer Robert “Mutt” Lange. The pair were married in 1993, and they collaborated on most of the music that saw Twain ascend to stardom. She recalls that she had no idea who Lange was when they met.

“I don’t know who this person is,” she recalls. “I don’t know his success yet. I just know that his name is Mutt Lange. I didn’t want to be too forward, but in my mind I’m saying, ‘Oh wow, if this guy made my music sound like that, that would be the dream. Like, whoa.'”

Shania Twain Moves on from Mutt Lange

Shania Twain contacted Lyme Disease, and she thought that her singing career was over. The disease affected her vocal ability, and it sidelined her for a while. It wasn’t long after that that she discovered her husband was having an affair with her best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud.

“In that search to determine what was causing this lack of control with my voice and this change in my voice, I was facing a divorce,” she says. “My husband leaves me for another woman.”

Twain has one son with Lange, Aja, who is 20.

Shania Twain divorced Mutt Lange in 2008. She went on to marry Thiebaud’s husband, Frederic, in 2011.

“When I lost Mutt, I guess I thought…I was thinking that the grief of that was…it was similarly intense to losing my parents,” she says in the film. “It was like the death was the end, a permanent end to many facets of my life. And I never got over my parents’ death. So I’m thinking ‘[Expletive], I’m never going to get over this.’ Like…how do you get over that? So all I’m going to do is determine how I’m going to carry on from there. How am I going to crawl out of this hole that I’ve fallen in? Just like that, you know?”

Shania Twain’s Las Vegas residency return this month.