Sharon Osbourne Weighs in on Britney Spears’ Return to Music Alongside Elton John

by Blake Ells

Britney Spears is returning to music for the first time since 2016. The legendary Sir Elton John coaxed the pop singer to return with a collaboration based on John’s 1971 classic “Tiny Dancer.” The track is titled “Hold Me Closer.” It’s due in the “coming days.” Spears and John met in July for the collaboration, which features a new verse from Britney on the classic track.

Sharon Osbourne shared her thoughts about the collaboration on her United Kingdom television show The Talk. Check out the video below.

“‘I just wish Britney all the luck in the world.’ Britney Spears will make a return to music with a duet alongside Elton John after a prolonged break due to a conservatorship,” the television show captioned the clip.

“I think that Elton is such a great humanitarian, and he wants to help everyone,” Sharon Osbourne says in the clip. “That’s just the way he is. And I know his heart will be going out to Britney. I feel like this will be another ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.’ I think it will be an absolute classic and a huge hit for both of them. And I just wish them – especially Britney – all the luck in the world.”

The other hosts then debate if this is a turning point for Britney Spears and she continues recovering from a traumatic process. Her conservatorship battle with her father has been well documented, but we’ll finally get to read her entire story as she has agreed to a deal for her memoir.

Britney Spears married earlier this summer, despite her ex-husband’s best efforts to crash the ceremony. It seems that she is prepared to enter a new chapter of her life, and Elton John is here to help lead the way.

New Music for Britney Spears

The collaboration with Elton John marks the first new music from Britney Spears since her 2016 album Glory. There was a deluxe reissue of that one in 2020, but she’s otherwise stayed away from recording for six years. That album peaked at number three on the United States charts. Her last number one album was 2011’s Femme Fatale.

She went to Las Vegas for a two-year residency in 2013. ‘Britney: Piece of Me’ took a lot out of the 40-year-old star. But she stayed at it until December 31, 2017. Her last performance raked in approximately $1.172 million, which set a new record at the time for a single show in Las Vegas. Since, she’s stayed away from the stage as her legal battle played out.

There’s no word yet on what may follow Britney Spears’s collaboration with Elton John. But she’s in good hands with the 75-year-old legend. Maybe it’s the beginning of a new chapter for Spears.