Sheryl Crow Speaks Out About Addressing ‘Real Low Lows’ in Her Life in New Documentary

by Samantha Whidden

While promoting her new documentary Sheryl, music sensation Sheryl Crow stopped by the TODAY Show to discuss what it felt like to relive the darkest moments of her life. 

Following the appearance on the morning show, Sheryl Crow took to her Instagram and gushed about the interview. “So good to be back in person at TODAY Show!” she wrote. She also shared some snapshots of her interview. Along with speaking about the documentary, Sheryl Crow performed Forever and Hard to Make a Stand

“There was a lot of stuff I had never talked about in there,” Sheryl Crow explained to the morning talk show’s hosts. “There have been some deaths along the way that have really affected me, certainly John O’Brian’s death from Leaving Las Vegas. My battle with the real low lows and having to go get help, it’s all in there.”

Despite having to relive those rough moments, Crow seemed to be optimistic about the experience. “Actually, to be honest, it was really liberating finally just talking about it.”

However, Crow did admit that the experience was also nerve-wrecking for her. “It was kind of terrifying… laying it all out,” she explained. She also said that people only knew “all the good stuff and all of the heavy stuff.”

Crow further explained that the documentary also sheds some light on what her true personality is like. “People think you have All I Wanna Do and Everyday is a Winding Road and you’re upbeat and happy all the time, and Soak Up the Sun. But ultimately, it’s your deep cuts that tell the story.”

Showtime to Release Sheryl Crow Documentary That Follows Her Life Story

Showtime’s Sheryl is described as a documentary of Crowd who has “lived it all and seen it all but never told it all” – until now.

“From humble beginnings to sold-out world tours Sheryl Crow’s life has been nothing short of extraordinary,” the description reads. “Whether battling sexism in the music industry, mourning ill-fated romances or surviving a well-publicized battle with breast cancer, Crow has always found a way to turn even her darkest experiences into captivating, timeless work– creating a legacy that continues to inspire and influence generations.”

Along with sharing the “low lows” moments in Crow’s life, the documentary also reveals the happier moments as well. This includes adopting and raising her two boys Wyatt and Levi. 

Sheryl Crow said she is pretty strict when it comes to her children and their exposure to the public. She doesn’t allow them to have social media. However, they do appear in the documentary. “They are living through a pandemic,” Crow declared. “They are worried about their planet, they’re worried about going to school and not being safe with guns and all. And I didn’t have that stress.”