Stevie Nicks Releases Statement After Returning to Stage for First Time in 3 Years

by Emily Morgan

Certified spell-caster and legendary songstress Stevie Nicks is yet another celebrity speaking out after the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade.

In a recent Twitter post, the former Fleetwood Mac frontwoman posted an update after getting home from a string of performances.

In a typed letter, she revealed she was relieved she didn’t contract COVID-19 while on the road, but that shred of good news was overshadowed when she alluded to being disappointed in the recent SCOTUS decision.  

The two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer wrote, “Dear people, I got home from the tour late Wednesday night exhausted. It was great to be back in my world doing what I love for the first time in three years. AND I did not get COVID! We definitely proved that it can be done if you follow the rules. That is the good news.”

She added, “The bad news is that our women’s rights have been taken away.” The legendary vocalist wrote that before she further comments, she wants everyone to watch a documentary called The Janes

“It’s a huge deja vu for me, as it is about my generation leading up to Roe v Wade,” she wrote to her 377k followers. “Please watch it. It will blow your mind.”

To conclude the letter, she cryptically signed off with, “History is repeating itself…and it’s even more frightening this time.”

The Janes, now streaming on HBO Max, tells the harrowing true story of seven women in Chicago in 1972. They are later arrested for running a secret network for women who wanted safe, affordable abortions, which were illegal then. The film also features firsthand accounts from the women, with some speaking on the record for the first time.

Stevie Nicks casts a spell at Bonnaroo Music Fest

Before the ruling came down, Nicks ended the weekend at the Bonnaroo Music Festival outside Nashville. On the final night of the fest, Nicks captivated the crowd with her signature voice that entranced the attendees.

The crowd, many not even alive when Nicks was at the height of her career, enjoyed every second.  Nicks put a spell under the audience when she sang “Landslide,” a song she’s performed at every concert since 1975. 

The rocker performed for nearly two hours, proving she’s just as energetic as she was decades ago. She also belted out classic favorites such as “Gold Dust Woman.”

She concluded the show with a four-song encore that included a version of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock N Roll” as her final song.

In addition, Nicks paid tribute to her late friend and fellow rocker, Tom Petty. Nicks told the crowd she didn’t have a single to release for her Belladonna album until Petty gave her “Stop Dragging My Heart Around.”