Tanya Tucker Shouts Out Chapel Hart After Latest ‘America’s Got Talent’ Performance

by Suzanne Halliburton

As if life couldn’t get any sweeter for Chapel Hart as the group awaits their America’s Got Talent fate. Another country music great gave them a social media shoutout.

After their audition last month, Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn sent their love to Chapel Hart. Then after Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent semifinal round, Tanya Tucker posted a video about these women from small-town Mississippi who are hitting the big time.

It was like receiving a Christmas gift. Literally. Tucker tweeted: “I’m shooting a Christmas movie right now… I saw you on America’s Got Talent and wow!!! You all were fantastic! Lovvved it!” And in the video Tucker included, she also gushed: I love, love your thing. It’s got a great vibe. It’s so different.”

Of course Chapel Hart saw the mention. These women can sing and write music, plus they’re also social media savvy. They wrote “Y’all, We.Are.Screaming!!!!! We can’t believe the Original Bad Girl of Country herself, Tanya Tucker, loved the performance. Sometimes, you gotta show the world your rowdy side.”

On Tuesday night’s America’s Got Talent, Chapel Hart performed their original song “The Girls Are Back in Town.” It definitely was a rowdy drinking song. The two sisters and their cousin sang and danced across the stage and even threw in some rap lyrics. If you listened closely, you noticed that Tucker got a mention.

Some of the lyrics: “C’mon girls let’s go down, where the boys like to hang around. Turn it up! Play it loud! Burn this honky tonk into the ground. Dancing on the bar all night long to another Tanya Tucker song. Whiskey bent and hell bound. The girls are back in town.”

Chapel Hart also gave a shoutout to Gretchen Wilson. And last month, the group gave a nod to Dolly Parton with their “You Can Have Him Jolene.” It was a remake of the Parton classic. But in 2022, Chapel Hart kicks that man to the curb, telling Jolene she can keep the cheater.

And all this publicity from America’s Got Talent also has given Chapel Hart’s music a big push. The group had two songs in the iTunes country music top 10. “You Can Have Him Jolene” ranked sixth, while “The Girls Are Back in Town” was ninth just as the results show was about to go live.

Chapel Hart’s performance from last night definitely is worth another look. Enjoy.

Chapel Hart was so thrilled with their performance that lead singer Danica Hart dropped the mic as the song ended. And the America’s Got Talent judges were effusive in their praise. The group received a unanimous Golden Buzzer last month from all four judges and the show’s host, Terry Crews. So they set a high bar.

“Things are gonna go very well for Chapel Hart,” said Simon Cowell, the America’s Got Talent judge who isn’t prone to gushing. “We loved you in your very, very first audition. And we love you because you just lit up the room. Your songs are brilliant. You are amazing performers. And I have a really, really, really good feeling about what’s gonna happen to you.”

Two acts will move forward after tonight’s results show into the America’s Got Talent finals. Drake Milligan, another budding country music star, already earned a spot. Maybe the finals will receive some more country music flavor.