Taylor Hawkins Featured on New Song, Artist Speaks on Working With the Late Foo Fighters Drummer

by Blake Ells

Taylor Hawkins is featured on a new track by King Princess titled “Let Us Die.” It’s the first posthumous release from the late Foo Fighters drummer. There are sure to be many more, including more music with the band. Check out the official music video below.

King Princess tells Entertainment Weekly that producer Mark Ronson suggested calling Hawkins.

“Mark heard the demo and was like, ‘I really think there needs to be a live drummer,'” she said. “I agreed.”

But she wasn’t convinced that she could secure someone of Hawkins’s stature. Ronson made the suggestion.

“Oh, my God, do you think we can get Taylor?” she recalls. It only took Ronson one phone call to get Hawkins signed on.

Taylor Hawkins FaceTimed with the singer who was living in New York at the time. Hawkins was in Los Angeles working on new music. She was impressed by how much attention Taylor Hawkins paid to her project.

In between takes, he’d FaceTime to ask, “How was that?” She never told him that his efforts were anything short of amazing, but he kept putting in extra effort to make it the best it could be. She describes Hawkins as kind and gracious.

“And he was like, ‘I’m just so thankful. I just love this song, and I just love playing,'” she says of the collaboration. “He was just saying he loves playing drums. And to hear that from somebody that’s live such a life that, at his age and playing for as long as he has in so many different bands and his own projects, for him to just love to play the [expletive] drums. That, to me, is just what we should all strive to be.”

Taylor Hawkins Remembered by Pop Star

King Princess says that Taylor Hawkins added something to the song that was bigger than “laying down a track.”

“He really showed me a level of musicianship and also respect and kindness that I will never forget,” she says.

Foo Fighters is understandably on hold for now. But guitarist Chris Shiflett released his first new music since his band mate’s death. The track is called “Long, Long Year.” He assembled an all-star cast of Nashville musicians for the track, including Sierra Hull and Luke Schneider. Raconteurs bassist Jack Lawrence is also on the song, as is Eagles of Death Metal drummer Julian Toro.

Artists across the music spectrum are remembering Taylor Hawkins on stage. Axl Rose dedicated the Guns N’ Roses tour to Hawkins. Sir Paul McCartney invited Dave Grohl to the stage for the first time since his drummer’s death. A pair of tribute shows will take place later this year honoring Hawkins. The star-studded performances will take place in London and Los Angeles.