The Chicks Abruptly End Indianapolis Concert, Country Music Fans Sound Off

by Emily Morgan

The Chicks are definitely ready to make nice after the county music trio abruptly ended a concert after just half an hour on stage.

On Sunday night, the country music powerhouses left the stage early at Ruoff Music Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, after lead singer Natalie Maines seemed to be struggling with her voice, seemingly due to her allergies. Following the sudden conclusion, The Chicks’ fans took to social media to air their grievances.

One of the event’s attendees posted a video on Twitter that shows Maines promising the crowd they’ll “all get tickets” to the rescheduled show before attempting to sing one more song.

“Waiting for the shot to kick in — not a shot of alcohol, a shot of steroids,” Maines said in the video before finally speaking to the crowd, “I’m so sorry, I just can’t pull it off.”

After the concert came to a hasty conclusion, the trio shared an apology statement via social media. “Indianapolis, we are so sorry we could not give you the show you deserved OR the show we wanted to give you,” the statement reads. “We will be back Indianapolis!! Hold onto your tickets.”

Despite this, it seems like their fans don’t hold anything against the group. On the contrary, online users sounded off following the show in support of the group’s decision to pause the event.

One user wrote on Twitter, “Everyone’s gonna be mad about @thechicks but as an allergy sufferer I swear this is legit and if Nat couldn’t give us her all, she wouldn’t waste our money. I love you girls don’t read into the hate!!!!”

Fans voice their support for ‘The Chicks’ after lead singer loses hers

Someone else chimed in voicing their support for the group. “The chicks concert got cut in half because natalie was about to blow her voice from allergies omfg i feel so bad for her still a very fun first concert experience and getting to see them after all these years was still amazing regardless.”

“Bummed that The Chicks had to cancel in Indianapolis tonight. We were having a great time up to this point,” wrote another loyal fan. “Hopefully when they return allergies won’t be an issue. Still a great night with dear friends, and that’s not nothing.”

On Monday, it seemed to go from bad to worse when the all-girl group announced that they must postpone three more tour dates. According to the group, Maines is on vocal rest “as a result of strict doctor’s orders.”

They also shared the three new dates for the postponed shows in Clarkston, Michigan, Noblesville, Indiana, and Cincinnati, Ohio. The Chicks’ summer tour, dubbed That Road Run, kicked off on June 14. The new tour marks the first time the ladies have been on the road performing in the last five years.

“We’ve been touring the same music for a long time,” Maines recently told EW. “We try to freshen it up with different covers and surprises, but it’s going to be more entertaining for us to have a lot of new stuff — and hear the fans sing along. Most of our audience likes to sing every word.”