‘The Voice’ Coach Blake Shelton’s Cryptic New Post Has Fans in an Uproar

by Joe Rutland

Country music star Blake Shelton of The Voice is causing a ruckus on Sunday with a very cryptic new post he’s put up on Twitter. If you know what is going on here, then you are definitely one up on us. We can tell you with some level of certainty that Blake’s fans are going bonkers right now. Many of them in the comments section have been posting up eyeball emojis. One, two, three, four emojis. They want to know what in the world is going on here. OK, go ahead and take a look at what Shelton posted online.

Outside of the flood of emojis, there were some fans commenting with words. One wrote, “Is this a hint for new music cause I can’t wait for new music from you”. Another more exuberant fan went all caps and wrote, “OMG OMG OMG YESSSS WE’VE BEEN WAITING!!!” One more from the fan pile here as this one said, “I hope that it is new music, can’t wait to her [spl hear] some new music from you Blake.”

Blake Shelton Getting Ready For New Season Of ‘The Voice’

While there are some Blake Shelton fans hoping that this leads to some new music, a couple of other fans think differently. Earlier in the summer, Shelton announced that he and his friend Carson Daly are getting together for another TV show titled Barmageddon. Heck, Blake even teased a little about that one, too.

Could this new post on Twitter simply be another tease to the show? Again, we don’t know but Shelton is pretty coy sometimes when he goes online. For that one, he simply wrote, “Y’all don’t even know what’s about to happen…” Shelton also directed his fans to the show’s official Instagram account, hoping they would go follow for updates there. Well, besides Shelton and Daly, look for former WWE pro wrestler Nikki Bella to be part of this show.

Oh, he’s also got his focus on The Voice, too. Don’t think old Blake Shelton has forgotten about the competition. Hardly. In fact, he recently offered a behind-the-scenes sneak peek into the new season. Look for Cuban-American singer-songwriter Camila Cabelo on there as a new coach. Gwen Stefani, also known as Mrs. Blake Shelton, comes on back as a coach, too. John Legend also will be along for the ride. If you want to get your schedule ready for a new season of The Voice, then it will pop up on Monday, September 19, at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central. With Cabelo on board, the show is bound to really pick up the pace as a new season is upon all of the show’s longtime fans.