‘The Voice’ Coach Gwen Stefani Posts New Pics Amid Controversy Over ‘Light My Fire’ Video

by Emily Morgan

Online users have been anything but shy about calling out Gwen Stefani for cultural appropriation in her new music video for “Light My Fire.” However, the pop icon seemed unbothered by the backlash when she posted new pics from her recent performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

On Friday, the No Doubt singer posted a string of pics that showed off her racy look from the performance. During the show, she performed with Jamaican rapper Sean Paul, who appears on the track.

On Twitter, “The Voice” coach wrote: “had so much fun performing with
@duttypaul on the @jimmykimmellive stage thank u for all the love you’ve shown Light My Fire.”

Despite the recent backlash Stefani received for her looks in the music video, her followers seemed to be more than supportive. One user penned in the comments: “Loved every second of this performance! What a great song and collaboration!!! Happiness was shining!!!”

Someone else chimed in: “Such a great song and performance!!! Can’t wait to see what other music you have up your sleeves for us.”

Gwen Stefani slammed for cultural appropriation in new video

During the pre-recorded show on Wednesday, Stefani rocked a nude illusion top that left little to the imagination. The mother-of-three nearly risked a wardrobe malfunction in the golden halter top.

Stefani and Paul performed their new dancehall single, which they released on May 27, for the first time in front of an audience. Sadly her performance was overshadowed when users called her out for her cultural appropriation blunder in the music video.

In the video, the 52-year-old wears dreadlocks and a blue and yellow outfit that matches the Jamaican flag.

“Y’all. Mother Appropriation is BACK!!!!” one person wrote on Twitter after they saw the problematic video. “Where my 2000s No Doubt / Gwen hive at!!!?? ITS TIME!!!”

Another Twitter commenter said, “Dear Gwen, You’re far too comfortable with cultural appropriation. Y’all Remember the harajuku girls? The bindi she chose to wear in one her videos? The bantu knots? The imitation of indigenous culture within a music video, as well as, indecently portraying Latina women?”

“It’s time you stop treating people’s heritage like a childish game & give it the respect it deserves. Alternatively, why don’t you portray your OWN cultural background within your work? I’m sure people would love to see that,” said someone else.

Obviously, Stefani’s look for the music video did not pass the vibe check for many users on social media.

In 2021, Blake Shelton’s bride addressed the accusations of cultural appropriation in an interview with Paper Magazine.

“We learn from each other, we share from each other, we grow from each other, she said in her defense. “And all these rules are just dividing us more and more,” the singer told the outlet.