‘The Voice’ Star Wendy Moten Speaks Out About Upcoming Shows in the Ryman With Vince Gill

by Samantha Whidden

Following her recent performance as a backup-singer-turned-special-guest for Vince Gill’s Ryman Auditorium residency, The Voice star Wendy Moten speaks out about upcoming shows at the famous Nashville venue. 

During a recent interview with Taste of Country, former The Voice finalist said that she made it a goal to“soak up” every second of her time onstage during the four August dates at the venue. “I treat each moment like it’s golden,” she revealed. “Just the fact that I will be in the Ryman with Vince Gill… That’s already a miracle in itself. I’m not gonna think about it until after it’s over.”

Meanwhile, Moten spoke about her music career throughout the years. “I was a recording artist in the ‘90s, and that ended, and I became a background singer to the stars,” she explained. The singer further spoke about being a touring musician with Julio Iglesias. “I only speak English. But we had to sing in four languages, and that changed my life. I felt like I was getting paid to learn to be a better singer and better communicator through song, because he’s one of those living legends – and he was teaching me.”

Along with Iglesias, Moten also performed for Tim McGraw And Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul Tour in 2006. She then toured with Martina McBride for a couple of years. In 2016, she became a backup singer for Gill and continued to focus on her music. “I wanted to know, ‘What are they doing differently that I’m not doing?’ And it was nothing. So it just let me know that even on the highest of levels if you have done the work and are qualified, go after that.”

‘The Voice’ Finalist Wendy Moten Talks About Her Music Career & Her Work to Become a Solo Artist 

Although she has worked with many country music artists, Moten said that she is not a country artist per se. “I sing [everything from] psalms to traditional country to Elvis and Paul Simon,” she explained. The Voice finalist further explained that she continued to work towards her own music goals while working with others. 

“I was ready to be a solo artist again and I didn’t know how to get back there,” she said about the record. “After doing this record, I felt like an artist again.”

Moten continued to discuss the record by saying that it gave her “gumption” to audition for The Voice. The singer and songwriter went on to add, “Had I not done that Vince Gill project and felt like an artist again, I don’t think I would’ve had what it takes to be a competitor in front of billions of people.”