‘The Voice’: Why Isn’t Kelly Clarkson Returning Next Season?

by Samantha Whidden

It’s official – after seven seasons, Kelly Clarkson is not returning to “The Voice” as a coach, and here is maybe the reason why. 

According to the Independent, although Kelly Clarkson has not given an official reason for her “The Voice” departure, fans are speculating she is likely leaving to work on her current projects. She is also looking to spend more time with her children. Along with her current duties on “The Kelly Clarkson Show, she recently joined the U.S. version of Eurovision, “American Song Contest,” as co-host with Snoop Dogg. 

The media outlet reports that in January, Kelly Clarkson said she was planning to make some changes. “I’ve decided this year there’s just [going to] be a couple of changes for me that I can’t say here,” Clarkson confirmed on Instagram

Kelly Clarkson further confirmed that there were already a couple of things happening. “I’ve been able to make more time just for me and my kiddos and still be able to work. Just where we can get away on weekends and really do some fun stuff with my kids.”

Kelly Clarkson first joined “The Voice” in 2018. She has won four seasons during her time as a coach. Entertainment Weekly reported that the show announced over the weekend that Camila Cabello will be replacing Clarkson on the show. Cabello will be coaching alongside Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Gwen Stefani. “The Voice” will return for its 22nd season this fall. 

Blake Shelton Joked that Kelly Clarkson is the ‘Second Worst’ Coach on ‘The Voice’ 

During his appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in December 2021, Blake Shelton declared that Kelly Clarkson was the second-worst coach on “The Voice.”

Speaking about Kelly Clarkson’s team on the show’s 21st season, Shelton declared, “The only thing I worry about with that particular group is they’re on Kelly’s team, and while Kelly is a great person and an incredible artist and a great talk show host, she is hands down the worst coach we’ve ever had on ‘The Voice.’”

However, Blake Shelton then corrected himself when the Fallon asked if Kelly Clarkson was worse than Adam Levine. “She is the second-worst coach that we’ve ever had on this show, without question.”

Shelton previously joked about Kelly Clarkson replacing Adam Levine as a “The Voice” coach. During one episode, Shelton declared, “I want you to look for just a second at this coaching panel. Take note of who’s missing – and who is in that chair. Now, I’m not saying Kelly Clarkson got Adam fired, but he’s gone, and she’s sitting there, ok? This network stands for ‘Nothing but Clarkson.’ If Maroon 5 inspires, I don’t know if I would choose a coach that is their arch-nemesis.”