‘The Voice’ Winner Gets Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend

by Samantha Whidden

On Sunday (July 31st) “The Voice” season 10 winner Alisan Porter announced she is engaged to professional dancer and her long-time boyfriend Justin de Vera. 

In a sweet post on Instagram, which featured some snapshots of the couple posing with her new engagement ring, “The Voice” star declared, “Last night while David Gray played our song, [Justin] did the damn thang! It was perfect and full circle and very US. The love I have for you runs through many lifetimes my Beesh so as you always say… In this life and the next and the next and the next.”

“The Voice” winner’s now-fiance also shared the snapshots and wrote, “If the choice is to live life with you or without you. Then I choose with you every time. Thank you for being mine through this life and the next.”

“The Voice” star was previously married to fruit exporter and former child soap opera actor Brian Auternrieth. They had two children, son Mason Blaise and daughter Aria Sage. In December 2017, Porter announced she and Auternrieth had split earlier in the year. “In a sad and honest note Brian and I ended our relationship in March,” she wrote on Twitter. We remain close friends and are committed to always doing our best for our amazing kids.”

Alisan Porter Spoke About Joining ‘The Voice’ While Battling Her Alcoholism 

While speaking to PEOPLE in December 2020, Alisan Porter opened up about joining NBC’s “The Voice” while battling her alcoholism. The former child star revealed that auditing for the show led to a “revelation” about her enduring love for music. 

“I really still want to do this. I was nervous about putting myself back into something so public and going back into a career,” Porter explained. “Especially since I have kids now and I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for three and a half years.”

Porter further explained that she enjoyed “The Voice” process. She also said it fueled a fire again within me. “Any reservations I had got squashed the second I stepped on stage to do my blind audition and I just feel super comfortable and excited about going forward.”

In regards to singing her rendition of Linda Ronstadt’s “Blue Bayou,” Porter added, “I really wanted to sing a classic. I love songs from that era, I love kind of blending folk and rock and country, so I felt like I wanted to sing a classic with all those elements and that was really something I thought would work and I love that song.”

Porter ended up joining the team with then coach Christina Aguilera. The selection worked out for her and she won Season 10 of the show.