Tim McGraw’s ‘7500 OBO’ Hits No. 1 on Country Radio

by Chris Piner

Considered to be one of the top country music artists in the industry, Tim McGraw has released a total of 16 albums, 10 of them hit number one on the Top Country Album charts. And who can forget his wife and famed singer in her own right, Faith Hill. Together, McGraw and Hill sold over 100 million albums worldwide. And it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon as McGraw hit another milestone when his song 7500 OBO became the number 1 record of the week. 

Thrilled about his song hitting number 1, Tim McGraw shared his thanks on Instagram with a picture of himself promoting 7500 OBO. He captioned the picture with, “Thanx Country Radio for making “7500 OBO” the #1 record this week! We’ve got new music coming soon! Buckle in!!”

The Story Behind 7500 OBO

Released on the Here on Earth album in 2020, the song has seen a resurgence recently and follows the story of a failed relationship and trying to get rid of the memories once shared. Discussing what 7500 OBO is about, Tim McGraw explained, “‘7500 OBO’ is about a guy who’s trying to get rid of his truck that he loves because there’s too many memories of his girlfriend in it. So ‘7500 OBO’ is ‘or best offer,’ of course. So he’s just tryin’ to get rid of the truck because he can’t get in it anymore because all he thinks about is his girlfriend and all the great fun that they had and the times they had together. He keeps picturing her beside him in the truck, so he’s gotta get rid of the damn truck so he can move on with his life.”

And 7500 OBO has more than lyrics from Tim McGraw, the country music heavyweight offered his youngest daughter, Audrey, to act in the music video. Never acting before, Audrey accepted the challenge and made her debut as the main character. 

Tim McGraw Working With Tom Hanks

As for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, they appeared in the spin-off series to Yellowstone, 1883, back in 2021. Recalling their time on set, McGraw admitted, “When we walked in, it was like, wow, this is what a hotel is like? After all the years I’ve been on the road, it took a minute to adjust because we’ve been that deep in it.”

The singing duo weren’t the only ones as Tom Hanks appeared in the show as well. Tim McGraw revealed how amazing it was to work with him finally. “We’ve tried to do some things together that never worked out, so when this little cameo was there I called him up and said, ‘There’s this cool part…I hate to ask, but…’ and he said, ‘I’m in. Tell me when and where and I’ll be there.’ The emotion in that scene was pretty authentic.”