Toby Keith Sings ‘Happy Birthday America’ Weeks After Revealing Cancer Diagnosis

by Sean Griffin

On Monday, July 4th, Toby Keith posted a clip to Instagram. Keith is one of country music’s most patriotic stars. In the video, he sings ‘Happy Birthday America’ for the nation’s 246th birthday.

Toby Keith is famous for the American pride and political themes that course through his songs. Arguably his most famous hit is a stadium anthem and Fourth of July mainstay: “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue.” As of 2019, the song had sold 1.6 million digital copies in the United States.

“American Soldier” is another Toby Keith patriotic tune. The 2003 song peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Charts. It maintained the spot for four weeks.

His 13th album was named after its lead single: “American Ride.” That fast-paced song covers a wide range of political and societal issues. The opening lyrics tackle topics like global warming, immigration, gas prices, and censorship.

So, it is with no surprise that Keith’s latest Instagram video contained political themes. However, much like 2009’s “American Ride,” his recent hit displays a pessimistic view of America.

The last line especially stings of lost hope in a divided country. Toby Keith’s new song paints a reflection of a polarized nation. However, while our country suffers now, the Fourth of July is a great time to remember our country’s history of resilience.

Toby Keith’s Cancer Diagnosis

In early June 2022, Toby Keith revealed his cancer diagnosis. However, recently, he warned fans about fake updates regarding his health. According to reports, imposters of Keith’s accounts have been using Keith’s name to provide “falsified updates.”

He took to Twitter to clarify the issue.

“We are aware of the many imposter profiles claiming to be Toby on social media,” Toby Keith’s Twitter said in a statement. “But it’s come to our attention that some of these accounts are now posting falsified updates regarding Toby’s health. We are working to get these removed.”

“Any updates will come directly from Toby’s verified social media pages.” Next, the post went on to state Toby would never personally request money. Then, the account informed victims of those fake accounts to report them to the platform.

Keith canceled his 2022 tour dates after revealing his diagnosis. He was diagnosed in 2021. He stated he received chemo for a six-month period. Keith will continue updating fans from his verified profiles.